Before doing this ritual, make sure there is no damage to the relationship or marriage. Strictly follow a certain course of action and all the rules during the ritual. Make sure you really want to find love. If you just decided to check it works or not, the ritual will not help you.Wait for snow or rain, put rain in any container (glass, Cup) to water directly from snow or rain immediately hit the vessel. When the snow or the rain stops, put the vessel with collected water inside. If the street was snow, give it time to fully thaw.
To meet Mr right, a conspiracy to be held Friday on the growing moon. It is advisable that you picked up between day 2 and day 14 of the lunar calendar (not to be confused with sun). Water can collect in advance, putting it in a cool place for safekeeping, but be sure to wait for the necessary day.On the appointed day, take the collected water and splash in every corner of my bed a few drops.
The remaining water take up and sit with her on the bed. In this position repeat three times: "I ask You through this sweet, fresh rain to give me a man who will ease my sadness of loneliness."The vessel with the remaining water and leave open to allow water to evaporate. Don't touch it as long as the vessel does not become completely empty.
Do not check every half – evaporated liquid or not. Just forget and stop thinking about it. So it was easier to do, put the bowl on any high place, lest you see her so often. After the ritual, try to go to sleep, even if it happened in the morning. Do not change the ritual without first consulting with a professional. Do everything exactly as it should be.