You will need
  • - santonin;
  • - Sankaran;
  • - piperazine;
  • - heptylresorcinol;
  • - oxygen treatment.
Santodonato medicine drink for two days, an hour before meals. But the drug is contraindicated in acute gastroenteritis and nephritis. Dosage appoint a specialist, starting from the age of the patient. The day before it is necessary to clean the bowel with an enema or a laxative. During treatment there is only a semi-liquid food which contains low fiber and fat. After a month, repeat the course. Santonin contained in santonica seed, you can treat them by rubbing the seeds with honey. In one gram of raw material of about 0.02 grams of the substance.
Santavenere also drink two days. Before do a light enema in the morning on an empty stomach take medicine one hour – one more time. Dosage is at the discretion of the doctor. Two hours later you can eat, in the evening you should drink a laxative. During treatment can not eat fatty, spicy and acidic foods.
Piperazine the drug has almost no contraindications, as low-toxic. It is effective against adult ascarids and young worms. Drink it within three days, 2-3 times a day an hour after a meal. The medicine is available in tablets and powder (in this case it is necessary to make an aqueous solution).
Heptylresorcinol effective but toxic drug. May cause irritation of the gastric mucosa, so pill it is better not chew and swallow whole. To taking the medicine should be 12 hours without eating, the day before to drink saline laxative. After the drug passed, you have all day to lie down and diet, and in the evening to drink a laxative. It is impossible to deduce Ascaris by heptylresorcinol inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and a weakened overall condition.
Kislorodniy successful treatment of ascariasis in hospital was developed by the Russian scientist N. P. Kravets. In the stomach of a patient, under mild pressure through a tube inserted oxygen. The procedure is performed on an empty stomach for several days. Then the patient rests for 2 hours, then get up and eat. If during the day there is no natural bowel movements, is assigned a laxative. Contraindications to this method are the different kinds of inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers, gastritis, appendicitis, etc.).