Wash the rats should be in different cases: before the show, when the animal is sick or if you get abnormal messy (Yes, among rats there are).First you need to check whether the rat is afraid of water. Wet hand with water and wipe the muzzle, ears, paws - if the rat reacted to your actions calmly, go to the bathroom.
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Now your actions depend on how the rat is timid. Some rats with a happy face floating in a tub or in the sink, and some make suicide squeak and afraid even to dip a foot into the water.If your rat is not afraid of water, wouldn't need to wait for it to have a good swim, and then dry it thoroughly. If the fur or the tail remaining contamination, they can be removed carefully with a soft toothbrush.If the rat when the water is going to die, pour in a small bucket or a bowl with a little water and gently drop it into a rat. Gently talk to the animal, Pat and gently massage into the fur.Once the procedure is completed, wipe the animal dry and put in a cage away from drafts.
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After all the suffering behind, treat the pet with something tasty - she deserved it.
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