Older people know that in the house, which was built on the site of fire, rats and mice do not start for quite a while. There's a simple explanation. After the fire remains the ashes everywhere, possessing alkaline properties. Since rats go "barefoot", they continuously have to lick feet with ash. Ash is irritating to the mouth and paws of rodents. Soon they move to another place.
Floors dry cellars, "inside" outbuildings and the cellar of his house, sprinkle finely chopped cold wood ashes. For every 5 m2 of space, use one bucket of ash. After this treatment, rats and mice leave in a few days.
Such situations are common when you need to get rid of a rodent evades all traps and/or not taking the poisoned bait. How to do it? There is a way. But know mice often die in hard to reach places, and rats are always open. So to get rid of mice you will need other ways. But for getting rid of rats this way is great.
Prepare dry ingredients by mixing equal proportions of plaster and wheat flour. Sprinkle the bait in small shallow dish, for example, in a saucer. One individual should nosyatsya about half a Cup of the mixture. Next to the bowl put water. When a rodent eats and drinks, the mixture will start to congeal in his stomach. The poor animal dies in less than 5 minutes. What good is this bait? It is familiar for a rat the smell of flour and not cause any suspicion.