Advice 1: How to steamed porridge

Very convenient porridge not to cook, and steamed. With this method of cooking is not necessary to stand at the stove, stirring and looking after the porridge, it's time to devote yourself or your family. To steamed porridge, you need to know a few rules.
How to steamed porridge
You will need
  • - groats;
  • water;
  • pan, Bank or thermos.
To steamed buckwheat, grits loop and remove it from small stones and debris. Then wash it under running water until the water is clear. If you like crisp cereal, calcined grits in the pan, stirring until it is browned.
Stir in grits in a saucepan and cover with water. 1 Cup of buckwheat, bring 1 Cup of boiling water or 2 cups hot water (60-80 ° C). Please note, this low temperature allows you to keep the mess many nutrients. Salt porridge to taste.
Wrap the pan with a warm towel or blanket, put near the battery. Leave for a few hours. That whole mess came faster, use a thermos with a wide throat. Can also be steamed porridge in a conventional glass jar, closing the lid and putting the pot of hot water.
If you make a mess in the evening, in the morning, heat it in the microwave. Season the porridge with butter or oil, sprinkle with herbs, pour milk of your choice.
If you want steamed rice, buy white rice, better kruglozerny. Such cereals superelite in the same way as buckwheat, after a few hours it becomes soft. Water take two times more than cereals. Long grain rice will be more fluffy for that extra sauté it in vegetable oil before steaming. Dark figure it's better not to cook this way because it will be too rough.
Oatmeal zaparivat for a few minutes, otherwise it will become too soft and will turn into a solid mass. To do this, pour oatmeal into a bowl, pour boiling water and close the lid. After 5 minutes, open, add butter, fruits, figs, raisins, dried apricots, nuts and other ingredients by which the porridge is a tasty and useful.
Steamed porridge is very good for the body, it cleanses the body from toxins and normalizes blood pressure and helps to lose weight.

Advice 2: Like steamed buckwheat

Buckwheat – a product rich in valuable minerals. It contains significant amounts of copper, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, fluorine, magnesium, vitamin B9 and others. Very important is the fact that in the cultivation of buckwheat, almost no use of fertilizers and pesticides, because the culture is unpretentious to soils and is not afraid of weeds. The presence in buckwheat large amount of fiber makes it a great product for those who want to lose weight. The main thing – to prepare it so that in the process of cooking buckwheat does not lose its beneficial properties.
Buckwheat is one of the most traditional and useful products
You will need
    • buckwheat 1 Cup;
    • water– 2.5 Cup;
    • metal pot with lid or a thermos.
Take 1 Cup (approx 300 grams) buckwheat. Go through it carefully, removing stones and debris. Rinse the buckwheat to clean water.
Put prepared buckwheat into a pot. Fill it to 2.5-3 cups of hot water temperature of around 60-80 degrees. Wrap a warm towel or blanket and leave for at least 4 hours, but preferably 8 hours. Instead of pots you can use a thermos with a wide neck. Of course, it is not necessary to wrap in a warm towel.
Once the buckwheat is ready, eat it like a normal buckwheat. Do not forget to use add salt or other spices.
Useful advice
Buckwheat diet is one of the most effective to date. From allowed foods – steamed buckwheat (without salt) and fat-free yogurt. The diet 12 days, for which you can easily lose 4-5 pounds.

Advice 3: Harmful than hot cereal

One of the most popular choices for Breakfast are porridge and quick cooking. It would seem that the contents of the sachet allows for a few moments to get a delicious and rich in vitamins food, just spreading the product with hot water. However, useful whether in fact such "instant" porridge?
Harmful than hot cereal
A wide range of cereal with fruit, berry supplements, nuts and greens allows to satisfy the desires of any consumer. On the shelves you can see both savoury and sweet options, these cereals seem to be the optimal Breakfast in the conditions of chronic lack of time. To feast on the contents of the bright box or bag, pour enough mixture of boiling water and leave it to infuse for a few minutes.

Production of quick-cooking oatmeal

Quick-cooking cereals are made by extrusion technology, which is used for drying wafers. Treatment involves the use of high temperatures and pressure. This method allows to reduce the amount of moisture in the raw material, so the porridge can be stored for a long time.
The most safe for health hot cereal, on the package indicated that the product can be used for baby food.

Heat treatment, although it takes a minimum of time, in the production of porridges of instant preparation destroys most of the vitamins contained in the ingredients. Therefore, the use of product will bring a minimum if you bring in at all.

Artificial enrichment with vitamins kas allows to partially compensate for the loss of beneficial effects on human health of substances. The advantage of such cereals is the preservation of some trace elements during thermal processing – zinc, phosphorus, magnesium. Not to say that dry pieces of vegetables and fruit that are included with cereals, harmful. They are produced by the technology of sublimation, i.e., freeze by evaporation of the liquid.

For making "quick" cereals in the course is not the whole grain of buckwheat, millet or rice, and cereals. That is, milled and polished grain. Valuable substances in grain is contained in its shell, which is removed in the manufacture of flakes.

The harm and benefit of porridges of instant preparation

The "fast" porridge that the product was mouth-watering and delicious, the producers generously complement the flavors, flavor enhancers, sugar and other components that affect the quality of the product. Also, the cereals, which need only pour boiling water, contains a lot of starch. It is quickly digested and converted into sugar that can cause the formation of excess weight, diabetes. So hot cereal is often impossible. And, moreover, they replace a complete meal.
Hot cereal is not recommended to eat for people with diseases of the digestive system, diabetics and those who are on a diet.

And yet, much more use to the body you bring, cook regular oatmeal or buckwheat porridge with milk or water. To enrich the dish in valuable substances, add a serving of seasonal fruit, vegetables or honey and berries. In the absence of such, you can replace them with frozen raspberries, currants and other gifts of nature.

Advice 4: Useful porridge in the morning

For many, cereal is a normal Breakfast. In cereals contain vitamins and slow carbs, providing power for several hours. But not all cereals are created equal.
Useful porridge in the morning

Oatmeal - the most popular porridge

Oatmeal is one of the most useful. Oatmeal is an integral part of English Breakfast and UK residents have always been known as a zealous attitude to health. This mess for a long time gives a feeling of satiety, it also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, energizing for the whole day. Women who are on a diet, can also include oatmeal in your diet. Welded on water without sugar, it will not add extra pounds. As for taste, you can add in the cereal, pieces of fresh fruit.
Do not use for cooking oatmeal popular cereal. They are especially treated, losing useful properties.

Buckwheat - the cure for all diseases

Buckwheat can be served in the morning and garnish, in the form of milk porridge. Buckwheat also provides a feeling of satiety for most of the day. Cereal contains fiber, which is essential to proper intestinal function. Also in the rump contains antioxidants and folic acid. Buckwheat is famous for the fact that rids the body of cholesterol and reduces blood pressure. However, it has a lot of starch, which should take into account those diets.
Useful not only buckwheat, but the leaves and flowers of buckwheat.

The millet - porridge undeservedly forgotten

Millet cereal is not as popular as semolina or oatmeal, but it also has many useful properties. Millet contains zinc, copper, manganese, potassium and Niacin, which helps fight cardiovascular disease. The use of millet in the morning normalizes metabolism, helps with weight loss. Also in the porridge contains amino acids which are the building blocks of muscles.

Barley - instead of drugs

Barley porridge is prepared quite difficult - first, it needs to be soaked for a few hours, and then heated in a water bath. However, a plate of barley in the morning, get rid of virus diseases in the period of flu and colds. In pearl barley contains lysine, a substance that helps the body to fight viruses. Also barley removes toxins and helps maintain a beautiful figure.

Semolina - not to get involved

Despite its popularity, semolina is the most useful. It contains a lot of carbohydrates and a small amount of nutrients, and its frequent use can harm the body. However, due to its shielding properties, semolina useful when inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Contrary to popular belief, semolina is not very useful for children, as it negatively affects the absorption of calcium.

Advice 5: Millet porridge with meat: the recipe

Due to the content of carotene, vitamins PP and b group, useful amino acids and minerals, the millet is popular. The inclusion in the menu of the dishes from toxins, improves the digestive system and reduces the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system.
Millet porridge with meat - a hearty and healthy dish

How to cook millet porridge with meat

To prepare hearty and delicious millet porridge with meat will need the following ingredients:
- 1 Cup millet;
- 150 g of pulp of beef or pork;
- 2 cups of water or beef broth;
- 1 onion;
- 1 tbsp vegetable oil or lard;

Meat wash, dry and cut into small pieces, like the goulash. Millet, sort and rinse well, changing the water until it becomes transparent. Onion peel and finely chop. Preheat a frying pan vegetable oil or lard and sauté onion in it until Golden.

In portion a clay pot place millet cereal, meat and fried onions. Mix well, pour hot boiled water or cooked in advance and the strained meat broth. Add salt to taste.

Place the pots in a preheated oven and cook millet porridge with meat on low heat for one and a half hours.

Recipe millet porridge with lamb

To cook millet porridge with lamb, it is necessary to take:
- 400 g of millet;
- 500 g of mutton;
- 3 carrots;
- 3 bulbs;
- 3 tbsp ghee;
- 2 tbsp tomato paste;
- 2 Bay leaves;
- ground black pepper;

First of all, well wash the lamb, cut into small pieces and fry in hot melted butter before formation of a crust. Peeled onions finely chop, add to meat and fry together with the mutton.

Carrots carefully wash, peel and grate on a coarse grater. Millet cereal sort and rinse well until water clarity.

Then lay the meat in portioned pots, salt and pepper to taste. Add the Bay leaf, carrots and tomato paste. Then pour in enough water so that it completely covered all the products, and lastly stir in the millet.

Cover the pots with lids and place in pre-heated oven on a medium heat. Cook millet porridge with lamb and a half hours.

Recipe millet porridge with meat in a slow cooker

For the preparation of millet porridge in multivarka will need the following:
2 multistone millet;
- 600 grams of meat;
- 7 multistone water;
- 1 onion;
- 1 carrot;
- 1 teaspoon of salt;
- ½ Tsp of pepper;
- ½ Bunch of dill;
- ½ Tsp cumin;
- 2 tbsp vegetable oil.

Thoroughly rinse the millet. Meat (pork or beef) wash, dry and cut into small cubes.

The removable bowl multivarki pour vegetable oil and place the prepared meat. Then on the panel select the mode "Baking" and time is 30 minutes.

Onions and carrots clean. Finely chop onion and grate carrot on a coarse grater. Add the vegetables to the meat. Give everything a good stir and fry with the lid open.

Then stir in the millet, season with salt and spices and cover with water. Cook millet porridge for one hour in the mode "Pilaf". Before serving garnish with chopped dill.

Advice 6: The magical transformation of semolina

In the Russian Empire honey semolina was considered "aristocratic delicacy". In Soviet Russia gradually turned into the nightmare of all young children. Slippery, sticky, lumpy, and skin... the Princess turned into Cinderella. Why did this happen? And how to cook porridge, to inspire children and adults?
The magical transformation of semolina

Semolina – coarsely ground flour from durum wheat. It cooks in minutes, is well digested, contains a minimal amount of fiber (0,2%), rich in vegetable protein and starch. This is the only cereal that is digested in the lower intestine and only there absorbed in its walls. That is why it is included in diets prescribed for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In General, not a mess, and some holiday health (except for diabetics it is strictly contraindicated, and for children up to years, it is not recommended).

Extraordinary ease of preparation, coupled with the low cost and health benefits, made porridge very popular. This deceptive simplicity has led to the fact that was produced as a "by eye". And it turned out... tasteless.

How to cook the classic porridge with milk without lumps

In fact, the rules of cooking semolina simple. Cook the semolina in the milk is necessary. And very strictly observed proportion (per litre of milk – half Cup grits).

Milk bring to the boil and, stirring constantly, trickle pour semolina. The stream should not be "the thinner, the better" as suggested by many. The fact that on the surface of boiling milk formed foam, and the lightest grains of semolina are unable to cope with this obstacle. That is why the mess and appear lumps. So the secret to cooking semolina porridge without lumps – pour cereal bolder.

Porridge need to cook, stirring constantly, a minute or two. Then turn off the heat, close the pan with a lid and let the porridge to stand for 10-15 minutes. During this time she "comes to the condition."

Now the dish can flavor the oil, add pieces of fruit or berries, jam, pre-soaked raisins ... And try real porridge!

How to make semolina pudding in the dessert: the easiest way

Manna porridge is particularly good because it goes well with many products moving and for a main course and gourmet dessert.

The easiest way to prepare a dessert of semolina – pour the still-warm semolina, cooked in milk, portioned silicone cake tins, and then cool and put "mini-pudding on a plate.

Serve this cereal with whipped cream, chocolate or berry sauce, condensed milk, jam -- a Space for creativity there are practically no limits. You can "improve" the cereal, before adding the cooled vanilla or cinnamon, pieces of marmalade or fruit.

As such, the "boring semolina" eat even the fussy kids. It is especially good in the summer heat, when hot cereal is absolutely not desirable. But the portion of such delicacy it will go for a full Breakfast.

But, of course, there are other recipes Manne treats.

Recipe Guriev porridge

The most famous kind of semolina – the one that according to legend invented by count Guriev, Minister of Finance of the Russian Empire, a fair sweet tooth. Rather it can be called Manne cake. Guriev porridge was very fond of Emperor Alexander III, she even appeared in the menu of the festive dinner in honor of his coronation. It is very time consuming, but at the same time very tasty dish.

In order to prepare the Imperial mess, you will need:

  • A 1.25 litre milk or cream
  • 0.5 cups semolina,
  • 0.5 kg of walnuts or pine nuts,
  • 0.5 cups of sugar,
  • 0.5 Cup jam, seedless,
  • 2 tbsp. butter,
  • cardamom (or ground lemon peel, or cinnamon).

Cleaned nuts pour boiling water for a few minutes, then drain in a colander, peel from thin-skinned, dry and chop.

Pour milk or cream into a broad flat fireproof dish and put in preheated oven. After some time on the surface will begin to form a dense, firm milk foam. When the skin is browned – you need to take it with milk and put in a separate bowl, then return the milk in the oven. Just need to collect milk from 8 to 12 foams.

For the remainder of the milk, cook the porridge and pour into it the sugar, spices, chopped nuts. Add the oil and stir it well.

In a fireproof dish with high edges pour a thin layer of semolina (its thickness should be from five millimeters to centimeters), carefully cover it with foam. You can sprinkle the foam with nuts, fruit, candied fruit, etc. Then you pour the second layer, pereselit foam and so on. In the penultimate layer to add a bit of jam.

The resulting "puff" should be put for 10 min in preheated oven. After that, remove the mess, pour the remaining jam or garnish with fruit, sprinkle with nuts and serve in the same dish.

Double-layered manna: a simple dessert of semolina

Of course, there are more simple recipes treats on the basis of semolina. To prepare double layer of manna you will need:

  • 200 g of semolina,
  • 1.25 glass of milk
  • 1.25 cups berry juice (can use cranberry, currant, blueberry),
  • sugar to taste.

Cook two servings of rich and creamy semolina in milk, the other on berry juice.

On a dish, pour a layer of milk porridge, and top with a layer of berries and allow to harden. Cold manna cut into pieces and serve with jam or whipped cream.

Instead of the berry layer you can make chocolate – this will cook the semolina in milk with addition of cocoa powder.

Munk no milk: berry mousse

To prepare this dessert take:

  • 200 g cranberries or blueberries,
  • 200 g of sugar,
  • 4 tbsp semolina.

Mash the berries, add half a Cup of boiling water and steep for 10-15 minutes. Strain, press the berries through cheesecloth. The resulting juice is put in the refrigerator.

The remaining berry "cake" need to fill with water (0.5 l), bring to boil, boil for 5-10 minutes and strain. In the resulting broth add sugar, bring to a boil, stir in semolina. Boil for 1-2 minutes, let it brew.

After this mess need to chill, infuse it with cranberry juice (it has not undergone heat treatment and has preserved all the vitamins) and beat with a mixer to increase the volume in half to two times.

Ready mousse lay on kremanku and put in the fridge for 3-4 hours.

Recipe of semolina porridge on the water: the roasted semolina

Classic semolina cooked in milk. But semolina can be cooked on water, cook a savory porridge, the taste of which is quite unlike the "baby food".

To prepare the semolina on water, take:

  • 1 Cup of semolina,
  • 50 grams of butter,
  • onion,
  • vegetable oil, salt to taste.

Onion peel, chop and fry in vegetable oil until Golden brown.

Semolina fry in a dry pan until light brown.

Pour the prepared grits into the boiling salted water and cook, intensively stirring slowly, 2-3 minutes. Let stand, covered, then season with fried onions.

Is the advice useful?