You will need
  • - Steamer, vegetables, fruits.
Choose fruits and vegetables as they contain fewer calories than cereals, pasta and potatoes. In addition, they provide the body vitamins and minerals which are so lacking in the spring.
Make a balanced menu, without restricting the diet too dramatically. If the body begins to less than 1000 calories a day, it automatically slows down metabolism, fear of the onset of even more hungry. Weight forced out, but as soon as the person returns to the previous diet, dropped pounds come back.
Try to eat regularly, portions of the same size. The only exception would be the dinner, the easier it is, the faster it goes overweight.
Choose the right cooking methods, abandoning the frying. The most useful products, steamed. Vegetables and fruits should be eaten fresh, with additional heat treatment, they lose some vitamins.
Drink plenty of fluids, as it promotes the excretion of toxins and also fills the stomach. So make it a rule instead of a snack between meals just drink a glass of clean water or green tea. The liquid should not contain sugar.
Add physical activity, so how to lose weight in the spring, visiting fitness club, will succeed much faster. In addition, sport will help not only to lose weight, but also make the silhouette more fit, leading to muscle tone. Focus on that to improve fitness you need to train at least three times a week.