Daily, during the morning of the meal you need to eat cereal. Enjoy one serving equals approximately ¾ of a regular Cup, with cereal, diluted 1% skim milk. You can add some fresh fruits such as strawberries, banana or blueberries.

Before lunch you can eat fresh fruit, raw vegetables or cereal, with reduced fat content.

To put an end to the urge of hunger in lunch, you need to eat fresh fruits or vegetable sandwiches. Also allowed to drink a smoothie or eat a Cup of raw vegetables with low fat.

Reasonable dinner. Due to the lower total caloric intake throughout the day with the cereal diet, dinner may include almost all foods, but in small quantities. Proteins are a great idea for dinner as most of your other daily meals is not contains protein.

If at night hunger take you by surprise, it is possible to eat fresh fruits, vegetables or even porridge with fresh fruit. But it is allowed in the most extreme cases.

Such diets must be adhered to for fourteen days, after which the daily diet can add variety based on the consumption of meat, fruit and vegetables, bread, cereals and dairy products to get sufficient and necessary amount of useful macro - and microelements.

A multivitamin does not hurt. They can give the nutrients, as reduced consumption of calories along with necessary nutrients such as proteins and dietary fiber. If during the diet you have any problems or just discomfort, you should talk to your doctor about the basic safety of this diet.

Grain diet is considered to be a reduced calorie diet, it will add momentum to the weight loss program. But this diet is not recommended to use for a long time, as you may lack important nutrients.