And for half of the beautiful ladies spring — a time when you have to grab the head and start to lose weight. After all, summer is coming, sea, sun, short shorts and open swimwear, and after the winter "here is a crease, here 200 grams of the excess", etc. and just bring your body in tone — it's worthwhile. But to sit on diets and sweating at the gym was not a burden but a joy, you can find something interesting for yourself. Let's start with the diet, here is where to turn.

It is worth remembering that with the coming of spring will begin to grow all sorts of herbs, fruits and vegetables. Hidden vitamins not only will help the body to get out of hibernation and to raise immunity, but also bring vigor and health.

Who said that weight loss is not a creative process? A competent, health and adequate weight loss, the goal is not to bring themselves to exhaustion, and to help the body is precisely the Duo of imagination and common sense. Here, for example, if we ask child: "What is spring?" he would probably answer "Flowers and birds". Birds to touch, we will not, but the flowers stop. With them and you can start straineth. To create and straineth — what could be better.

So, first you need to draw on paper flower with 6 petals. Each petal is your day of the week, and thus your product.

First day fish. On this day you can eat fish in any form (except roast) in any quantity. The main thing that it was almost fat-free, such as cod. And lots of water! At the end of the day, painted "fish" petal crayon and go to bed.

Day two — vegetables. Here there is almost complete freedom of action. As many as you like, with anything. Vegetables, of course. With the exception of one, it is better to do without fried. But boiled, steamed, stewed, raw, with greens and without a lot of variants. And again, don't forget about the water. The longer it is, the more effective weight loss. The day is over, you need to paint the petal.

Third day — chicken. Limitations there anymore. Need chicken fillet and a maximum of 700 grams.

Fourth day — cereal. In the first place there the porridge: buckwheat or oatmeal. Into oatmeal you can add berries or fruits. As a snack — cereal bread.

Fifth day — cheese. No sugar, and no more than 500 grams. You can make a cheesecake or eat like that. Very useful and delicious!

And finally, the sixth day — fruit. According to the principle of the second day: in any quantity, in any form. Always with plenty of fluids.

At the end of the diet, painted the last petal. Well, that, and the picture is beautiful, and taut figure. Minus 4 kg, after all.