Eat small portions. With regular consumption of large amounts of food the stomach walls are stretched and the signal saturation is fed into the brain when the stomach is filled. It is a vicious circle – the more you eat, the larger portions are required to satisfy the imaginary feelings of hunger. Therefore, the optimal volume for a single food intake is about 200-250 grams, this will help to bring the stomach in order to lose weight and keep in shape.
Eat more often. Modern nutritionists insist that the best is three meals a day with two snack the intermediate. Consumption of small portions using small intervals will help to avoid uncontrolled binging.
Observe the balance eating. Proper nutrition should be fulfilled, not by an effort of will to exclude, for example, a carbohydrate with no harm for health. Also, the diet should contain proteins and fats. Sometimes, however, you can afford a big piece of cake, most importantly, to be "lunch" didn't become a habit. And of course, healthy eating is unthinkable without fiber, so vegetables and fruit you need to eat all year round, let it be even the usual carrots, cabbage and apples.
Drink plenty of fluids. Remember that juices, milk and yogurt is more of a food. But tea or fruit drinks and sparkling mineral water are best suited for replenishment of fluid in the body. It is not necessary to drink the liquid meals, because it dilutes the gastric juice, and the products are digested worse. It is better to postpone the tea for half an hour. It is sometimes recommended to drink a glass of water before eating to satiation would come faster, but this procedure also reduces the ability of the stomach to digest food.
Observe a certain mode. Count with the help of a special calculator how many calories per day you need for your lifestyle and stick to that level. This can help the various applications for smartphones. Even if you ate a brownie or cake, it's not a tragedy, not need to starve then three days. It is sufficient to restrict ourselves to dinner something light, such as broccoli or vegetable salad.