Create a departing colleague last day of work solemn atmosphere. Buy a bouquet of flowers, prepare a colorful postcard with poems or just wishes. A lot of poems and good wishes to a colleague can be found on Internet sites.
If possible, prepare a wall newspaper. Well, if you have photos of your colleagues in the workplace, at a meeting, a corporate party, a business trip.Describe the stage in his professional career of merit. Write what it was in relation to colleagues at work. Emphasize the positive aspects of his character.If your colleague goes to work in the head office of your firm, beat it. For example, draw a "career ladder" going up.
If your colleague is retiring, talk to his immediate supervisor. Maybe the user will find the opportunity to issue a cash reward. The money you give the departing employee and can be spent on the purchase of a commemorative gift.Carefully check with a former colleague that he has long wanted to buy, as well as his plans for the near future.For example, if he plans to relax a bit outdoors, buy him a ticket for a few days at the cottage or in the resort. If he had long dreamed of a new TV – presented it.
If your colleague is leaving for another job or just quitting "on their own", collect money for a small commemorative gift.Give coffee, and interesting tea set, beautiful table lamp. So give a gift with meaning. For example, say: "If you're going to drink coffee from that coffee machine at your new job will turn out as good as here."
Organize a small Banquet. If your colleague is retiring, it will be good to ask to speak at the beginning of the solemn part of the direct supervisor of the departing colleague. He can personally deliver a colleague which is eligible for compensation or monetary remuneration. When your colleague in the head office will also be appropriate to ask the chief to speak.Then read your comments and give a gift.