Define the basic qualities of the character of your leader. If a person with a good sense of humor, you can go to the greetings with the invention and add to the gift a comic frame in the verses. If he's a stranger to frivolous things, he's always collected, meticulous and thinks only about work, it will be difficult to expect a positive reaction to your humorous greeting.
Among the neutral, but certainly a very pleasant way to congratulate the Director – application on one of the radio stations he listens to on the way to work, for example. It will be nice being in traffic, or standing at a stoplight to hear the good wishes from colleagues and favorite song.
Think what Director has Hobbies. If he enjoys fishing, give certificate at best fishing tackle store, if hunter collectible hunting knife, if the music fan – a collection of favorite songs, if cottager and gardener – the hammock in the gazebo, if you are a lover of new technologies – any modern gadget.
For a very low amount, it is possible to order the compilation of a family tree of your Director. To put that in a nice frame and solemnly to present. He will be pleased to know that perhaps his family were princes or counts.
You can pre-shoot video greetings from the staff of Department of your organization. Employees can read poems, sing songs or just speak good words. It is important that it was done with good humor and sincere.
If your Director is really a people person and not shy singing and dancing, compose about him a light humorous not hurtful rhymes or couplets. You can invite a magician who will show you a couple magic tricks with money, for example, and just normal things. But at the crucial moment will be awarded from nowhere gift from the team.