While cleaning, turn off the computer. So you protect yourself and the monitor. It is desirable that the laptop is completely not working and was not in standby mode or with the screen off.
Buy a cleaning kit screen or a special detergent in the form of liquid or wet wipes. If you don't have it, use homemade methods. Mix the water with vinegar. You can also use a soap and even alcohol, although the latter should be used with caution. The main thing - do not use abrasive cleaners that can scratch the screen, as well as products containing ammonia are also harmful to plasma panels.
Take a soft, lint-free cloth, through which you will cleanse. Do not use paper tissues - in this case, the surface of the monitor can stay fiber.
Clean laptop in daylight, preferably in front of the window. Moisten a cleaning cloth and neatly, horizontally or vertically, clear the screen. It is important that the gestures were aimed in the same direction. Do not collect on the fabric too much cleaning fluid - water entering can damage the computer. Do not use a spray for spraying cleaning products on the screen. In this case the drops may fall onto the keyboard and into the computer.
Wait until the screen is dry. Check whether it stains. After cleaning with soap, you will need to once again wipe the surface with water. Look at the screen at different angles - all stains should go. After complete drying of the monitor, turn the laptop on. Stains and spots should not be visible on the luminous screen.