If you decide to get rid of the unpleasant skin growth, contact the professionals. Today, there are several methods for cauterization of warts. You may be asked to remove them using laser. This procedure is called laser photocoagulation. The same effect have electrocoagulation or cauterization using high frequency current and cryotherapy – burning liquid nitrogen. In addition, there are processing chemicals. This chemical cauterization. Used for this purpose, acetic, salicylic, retinoic acid or silver nitrate. They successfully remove skin defects. The procedures are painless and do not cause any discomfort. In addition, there is the presence of blood and, therefore, there is no risk of catching the infection.
Cauterization by nitrogen is a soft gentle nature and is therefore often used to treat warts in children. Also moxibustion nitrogen can cause swelling of the adjacent tissues. Don't worry! This is a normal reaction of the skin and soon the swelling goes down.
It is not necessary to cauterize warts on the face. Cosmetologist can not guarantee that success will be achieved with the first moxibustion. Maybe the procedure must be repeated many times. And in this case, the risk of scar formation.
If you are a risky person and decided to rectify the lack of appearance on their own, try the following methods.Take a wooden rod and obstructe the outer part of the stalk. Hold on a little above the fire and cauterized the wart. Repeat the procedure have several times. After a week the wart should go. Nightly drip on the skin tag drop of concentrated acetic acid. Use caution when using this method. Acid is corrosive and can damage the surrounding tissue.RUB wet wart ammonia. Or ammonia dissolved in strong vinegar.