Cut a few leaves of Kalanchoe pinnate, slightly remember them and apply on warts. Make on top of the bandage. 3-4 treatments and the warts disappear. The same can be done by Kalanchoe fresh celandine or dandelion stems (bruise, that made the milky juice).
Prepare the cake according to this recipe: crush in the frog clove of garlic, pour 1 teaspoon of vinegar, add fine flour (grade II) and spoon knead the dough (with your hands is not necessary, the essence could burn the skin). Take the band-aid and cut a hole in it the size of a wart, apply the patch to the skin so that the wart was in its hole and the surrounding skin under the patch. After that apply exactly to the wart the cake of the test, and the top again put a band-aid. All bandage. Bandage to wear for 2-3 days. Hopefully you will see that the wart (or what was left of it) went away. If not, repeat the procedure from the beginning. On the site of the wart you may receive a painful hole, put on her cotton tampon with Vishnevsky ointment, and the wound heals.
Helps to get rid of the wart fresh juice of ash (red ash, and not decorative). Should be constantly wet with juice growths and with time they will disappear. You end up with is the juice of sour varieties of apples, fresh tomatoes, calendula, but deliverance is slower.
Onion, cut in half or slices and soak in vinegar. At night, tie to the wart. You will need 4-5 treatments. Do not settle halfway – when the warts are already gone, repeat procedure once or twice to disappear and the root.
Ancient recipe from the wart. Grate the horseradish, squeeze the juice and crush it into coarse salt. RUB it overnight or to make lotions.
Recipe from the village healers. Take a potato, cut it in half. One half to throw the head back with the words "Potato rush, the warts are forgiven", and the second is to RUB the warts and bury it in a place where she would be unable to germinate and dry. Instilled with the words: "earth, Earth, take sickness the servant of God (name). May she perish, as the blue stream will subside". After 1-2 weeks the warts will not.