You will need
  • PC;
  • — Internet;
  • phone.
To abandon unnecessary services can be turned to directly to the operator. But a short number, sometimes it is difficult to get through. There are special USSD commands, which can also be unsubscribe from the service. If you don't know which one was connected, what to reject?
Every major cellular companies have their own websites. For example, go to the official website of MTS . To begin online check rooms, first select your region by clicking "Choose region". Then click on the line "Entrance to personal Cabinet".
In this menu, enter the phone number of MTS and password. The latter can be obtained in the form of TEXT, clicking the left mouse button on the appropriate line. Next, you need to dial the cell number and the code from the image
On the page of the personal Cabinet you will see all the data on the entered subscriber number: the owner name of SIM card (useful if you forgot to whom it was issued), the date of its activation, connected services. Discard unnecessary by clearing the checkboxes next to the appropriate lines. Here you can connect the necessary services.
Identical with "the Megaphone": First select the region — they are organized by the respective branches of the company. If you find it difficult to choose an area from this list, simply type the phone number offered on the main page — the website will automatically switch to your desired region.
Then go to the menu "Service guide" and enter the phone number of "Megaphone". Then you will have to specify a password and code from the picture. If the password in the check number have not received, please, dial USSD-command *105*42# and press "call". The access password will come in the form of SMS.
On the page of the personal Cabinet you will see information all the information about the number of a subscriber connected services, number of received/spent points, and it is also possible to connect in your area services. The website operator "Tele2" also provides the opportunity to manage services and monitor account SIM card.