You will need
    • vinegar;
    • whey;
    • bow;
    • carrots;
    • broth;
    • wine;
    • flour;
    • the meat of wild boar.
The meat of wild boar is not as fatty as pork, more dry, has a bright red color and vivid rich taste. The lack of it in a sharp specific smell. Often this odor in case of improper butchering.
Culinary processing of meat of a wild boar has a number of features. It is mainly used for cooking main dishes. The skin better to clean the bristles. The meat of old bulls is more rigid and often has during rutting odor. To remove this "flavor" before cooking , the meat is soaked. For this you need a 1-2% solution of vinegar in which the product keep for 2-4 hours. The time of soaking depends on the size of the piece.
The hard meat of wild boar can be softened through soaking in whey for three days. Use and 2-3% solution of acetic acid. These products will make the wires softer and softer, further processing meat easier.
For soaking meat of wild boar to make the marinade. Take two liters of purified water and half a liter of dry wine (better if you use white wine), 250 g of vinegar, one onion, one carrot, two Bay leaves, some stuff cloves and two tablespoons of black pepper. All of these ingredients simmer in an enamel, glass or ceramic vessel for ten minutes.
The marinade is cool, pour it to cut into pieces a La carte meat, soak the product for about two days in the cold. When you fry meat, drain fat and mix with the marinade. This mixture pour the forthcoming piece.
If you do not taste the vinegar and wine marinade, soak the meat of a wild boar in a slightly acidulated with lemon water. Use sour cream, which can be diluted with milk if a piece of meat too big. In the absence of all of these products put the big meat of a wild boar with a bread crumb, adding a little water.
Prepared one of these ways meat lard cubes of the roots of parsley and celery, put in a ceramic or glass bowl and pour the cold marinade. Fry the product in the pan, put in a deep pot, pour half the broth from meat bones, pour in dry red wine to taste, place the sliced onion and simmer until tender. Remove meat and broth, add the dried flour and boil for 15-20 minutes, add salt and strain. Ready meat cut into wide chunks better across the grain, pour the resulting sauce. For a side dish serve fried potatoes, boiled beans or braised cabbage.