The advantages of modern models

The advantages of modern models is the flat screen, vivid rich color, huge screen, good viewing angles. New TVs combine a number of useful functions. For example, the device can connect many more devices. Almost all of the line TVs are equipped with certain set of useful connectors. The only difference is the number of HDMI and USB inputs.

If the TV has a USB connector so you can connect an additional source of information. For example, for watching movies users widely used flash drives. This storage device is very convenient. However, it so happens that the TV ceases to recognize a USB flash drive or read information from it since the acquisition. The problem can be solved in several ways.

Looking for the causes of the conflict the flash drive and the TV

Causes of conflict can be also several. For example, incompatible with your TV format the stick. To learn it, just connect a flash drive to the computer and go to its properties. Basic format two NTFS, FAT32. Standard format the stick NTFS. If the TV is not reading the new drive, just format it in FAT32 format.

Keep in mind this system you can work with files up to 4 GB. It is clear that good-quality, or TV shows require a much larger space. Another possible reason for the conflict may be too large for the amount of drive.

Read the user manual of your TV. Find the section which describes your model appropriate standards of storage. Often they are limited to 8-16 GB. Storage 32 GB or 64 GB of TV with such restrictions will not see.

Eliminate the cause on their own or in the service center

Another possible reason is that the existing connector service. In this case, next to it you can find the inscription: service only remote control. So, it can only be used for the repair of equipment or works with IOS. In workshops on repair of modern TV sets there is a service to unblock these ports. After professionals procedure connector can be used to connect a usual flash card, which can be used for watching movies and listening to music.

Often happens and so that the TV detects the drive, but the recorded files are not read. The cause of the conflict may be a mismatch of the recorded formats with the functionality of the model. Examine the technical data sheet or the user manual. Perhaps your TV is able to recognize only photos or music.

Can also be and films. Most models of modern TVs successfully recognize the video format avi. Record video format matching the one supported by your TV model. As you can see, the causes of the conflict between removable storage and your TV may be several. But in most cases they are easily solvable.