You will need
  • - corporate identity;
  • - promotional products.
Focus on advertising in your area or neighborhood. Because pawnshops today, many potential clients are unlikely to want to go too far to use your services. Your main task: to inform residents about the presence of similar establishments nearby.
Think of the branding of Lombard and memorable logo. In this case, it is advisable to use the services of a professional designer or marketer. Your goal is to stand out with a visual on the competitors. In addition to corporate identity, you can develop a memorable slogan to be part of an overall advertising strategy and will instantly associate it with your Lombard.
Print cheap leaflets, designed in the corporate style, and distribute them in the mailboxes of nearby houses. They specify the basic information about the pawn shop, hours of operation, types of accepted goods. Post posters with the same text in public transport, in shops.
Develop some schemes of payment of interest and payback values. For some clients it's more important to get your hands on a large sum for a short period, whereas for others use the money as long as possible at low percent. However, in most pawn shops there is only one method of work. Developing a flexible system, you can increase the flow of customers.
Expand range of products that take the pledge. In addition to the most popular jewelry, try to make home appliances, furs and even cars. Of course, this way of working involves the creation of certain conditions of storage and the availability of qualified appraisers. However, you will be able to earn the reputation of a pawnshop, where contact is most advantageous.