Advice 1: How to promote a pawn

In the years of economic crisis the number of opening around pawnshops, as a rule, increases. This phenomenon is quite natural: for some people this is a great opportunity to get a small amount, not resorting to services of banks and credit organizations. The competition in this area is quite high, so for the proper promotion of the pawn shop, use the set of marketing activities.
How to promote a pawn
You will need
  • - corporate identity;
  • - promotional products.
Focus on advertising in your area or neighborhood. Because pawnshops today, many potential clients are unlikely to want to go too far to use your services. Your main task: to inform residents about the presence of similar establishments nearby.
Think of the branding of Lombard and memorable logo. In this case, it is advisable to use the services of a professional designer or marketer. Your goal is to stand out with a visual on the competitors. In addition to corporate identity, you can develop a memorable slogan to be part of an overall advertising strategy and will instantly associate it with your Lombard.
Print cheap leaflets, designed in the corporate style, and distribute them in the mailboxes of nearby houses. They specify the basic information about the pawn shop, hours of operation, types of accepted goods. Post posters with the same text in public transport, in shops.
Develop some schemes of payment of interest and payback values. For some clients it's more important to get your hands on a large sum for a short period, whereas for others use the money as long as possible at low percent. However, in most pawn shops there is only one method of work. Developing a flexible system, you can increase the flow of customers.
Expand range of products that take the pledge. In addition to the most popular jewelry, try to make home appliances, furs and even cars. Of course, this way of working involves the creation of certain conditions of storage and the availability of qualified appraisers. However, you will be able to earn the reputation of a pawnshop, where contact is most advantageous.
It is not necessary to attract customers with low interest or other price strategies. So you are unlikely to significantly increase the flow of visitors, but will lose a part of profit.

Advice 2 : Online seminar or training how to sell, promote

Expensive product in infobusiness, as in any other business, to sell pretty hard. It is not enough just to put on the website a detailed description of information products and place at the bottom of the button "Buy" and then just to look forward to. The situation will not change: an expensive item will sell very slowly.
Online seminar or training how to sell, promote

Much better to cause a stir, and then start to sell. It is much more efficient! But it is not necessary for poor readers to pour a huge stream of advertising slogans. All you need to do so gradually, without imposing and aggression.

For a successful start it is better to send an invitation to the potential buyer and only then in every email to send him information about the course. The main rule – gradually, gradually. And then you can open the sale for a certain period of time.

How to encourage the subscriber to purchase? You need to consider few very important points.

Be sure to work on a colorful history. The product appeared not just so, his appearance is due to some special event in the life of infobiznesmena. For example: "I was taken to mentors guru infobiznesa and revealed their secrets."

Need proof that the material really is of interest to subscribers. People participate in discussions, debates, write comments, Express their opinions.

Without fear anywhere. For example: buy someone else, will increase the price will not be available.

The expert status needs to be confirmed. Diplomas, certificates, books, articles, etc.

Waiting. The client has matured, he wants to buy the product in that very moment, but the time has not come yet. The more a customer waits, the more will be sales.

Proof of viability: there is overwhelming evidence to support the results.

An unexpected surprise. A surprise is something not expected buyers.

Emotions. Boring texts are unattractive, cause depression and sad memories of monotonous lectures in the school and University.

Easy. People buy a simple solution to their problems. Everything should be clear, without mathematical formulas and Chinese language.

The persuasiveness of the texts. Must be customer testimonials, and warranty.

Interaktiv. More webinars before the start of sales.

An interesting format of presenting information, their own personal writing style.

And more importantly: in the end is able to prove to customers that the rate they really need. If they did, then the job is done and you can enjoy success.

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