You will need
  • Assessing the target auditorii
  • Brochures, flyers, business cards, banners
  • Competent interior design
  • Personal charm
You first need to identify the target audience of salonand on the basis of General profile of potential customer to build a system of promotion of the salon. In the part of the target audience, you can allocate a special, small group of customers who potentially may subsequently become part of the permanent. For example, as the main target audience of salonand beauty in the building of the business center optimally choose the women working in nearby offices. But for a small salonand in a residential area a good target may be retired and looking for a lady over 50. In an additional group of potential customers it is possible to try to work with women on maternity leave.
The is a salonand need to develop based on the specifics of the target audience. To attract salon business lady, information about services should be placed in the most prominent places in the business center - Elevator landings. A good advertising campaign may be just a personal visit to the offices of the business center, leaving business cards and informing about the opening. In the brochures or the flyers is point convenient for working women the work schedule of the salonbut also to highlight the good location of the institution.
Brochures, flyers, business cards and even personal invitations to the residents sleeping areas better placed in mailboxes, handing out close to the cabinand or the neighbouring grocery store. For pensioners is a very important price factor therefore, focusing on this category of customers, is to develop an acceptable pricing policy. Planning to include in the target audience of women on maternity leave, is provide in salone the possibility of childcare, or a small kids area with a TV, games and coloring books.
Any, even the most expensive advertising campaign will be ineffective if the staff is rude, angry, surly. The business of beauty is very specific – the emergence of personal relationships with the client and emotional contact. If you visit the salonand that the potential client will feel a friendly atmosphere from a potential client quickly enough will become permanent. Add positive emotions in an atmosphere of cordiality, friendliness and goodwill by using appropriate interior design, bright color accents, well processed pictures of regular customers in a prominent place a vase with sweets for visitors.
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Very important for proper promotion of the salonand the professionalism of the staff. Each successfully trimmed client is. Each spectacular manicure, effective exfoliation, beautiful piercing – additional is due to the eternal "word of mouth". Specifically to activate "word of mouth" as promotion for the salonand for a limited time, you can run an advertising campaign in the style of "Bring a friend for a manicure and get a pedicure as a gift." To alert customers about the event is enough small banner or streamers at the entrance of the salon.
Possibilities for promotion to salonand weight. And most of them are quite expensive, even a small, newly opened salon.
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