First and foremost, you should make a list of potential tenants. For each of them to prepare an individual commercial offer. It is not necessary to change the whole text, just make a few other suggestions.
Encourage client to read your letter till the end. To do this you need correctly, and the main thing - correctly to begin with. If you have previously met or talked on the phone about services rent, include in the first line of the letter the following phrase: "During a telephone conversation, you said...", "We loved your idea...", "At the meeting you mentioned...", etc.
Also include in commercial offer statistics or research results. That is, you should be in the interest of the tenant by showing other people's success. For example, you show as a promotional platform located in a particular place affect the demand of the consumers.
In no case do not start an offer with a story about your company, disclosure of origins, will repel potential tenant, because you are still not interested in him.
Describe rental services. Here you should specify the purpose, task, essence, and result of the final cost. Avoid professional terms, the customer should be all clear, because "smart" phrase may alienate the tenant (but who wants to go into a strange case). Arguments that will push the potential customer to make a deal with you. You can also give illustrative material (drawings, illustrations).
Describe a detailed scheme of work with your company, that is here you can specify the conditions, obligations, acceptance of work, etc.
In the final part of turn of phrase that will motivate a potential customer to enter into a lease with your company, you should also enable the reader to clarify you with any information. Leave your contacts.