Advice 1: How to attract a salary project

Salary project – is a convenient scheme of calculations with employees of the companies, developed Banking system. The purpose of this projectis a settlement services of the organization with its employees.
How to attract a salary project
You will need
  • commercial proposal;
  • a list of all customers of the Bank.
To attract more clients for salary project determine the target audience of your Bank. You have to understand who your customer is. What requirements must meet your potential clients, what type of these organizations. Even if we use your services can absolutely all companies, in any case you have to paint for yourself a picture of the end user.
The main advantages of salary projectand your company. This must be done in order that the service can be sold much easier. You should not be an abstract idea that it's just convenient. Write for sales managers, to consultants who communicate with customers a list of all the pros, make offer.
Attach to use payroll projectom any other service that may be of interest to the client, free of conditions. For example, maybe it will pay to use credit.
Any product besides the advantages it also has its disadvantages. Along with the advantages describe all the shortcomings of their schemes. First, this detailed picture will help you over time to improve the project. Secondly, knowing the shortcomings of the salary schemes of your Bank, you will be able to prepare arguments for clients who can Express dissatisfaction or complaints as the reason for his refusal.
View the list of existing clients of your Bank and start with the proposals of the salary projectand it is to them. But do not miss the opportunity of working with new clients. If you only run this project, let the initial negotiations with the companies are carried out by heads of the Bank.
Use to promote their services to various social marketing techniques.
Improve the salary scheme projectand, based on acquired experience. Actually spent for that surveys with existing customers.

Advice 2: What to do with a wage card after dismissal

Today, many companies are moving with their employees on non-cash payments. In the framework of salary projects, the banks will be issued to all employees of the name cards.
What to do with a wage card after dismissal
Many employers prefer to arrange for their employees salary plastic cards and transfer their money. Indeed, it is easier and employees, and accountants of the company, since it allows to exclude cash payments and related documentation.

However, after his dismissal from his former job, many workers don't know what to do with the map. Two options - either to close the card, or to renew it personally. Which one to choose depends on whether the user plans to use it in the future.

It is important to note that to return the card to the employer is not necessary, because the card is the property of the Bank. Therefore, only a Bank may require its return. Also if the employee is indebted to the company, the employer can not under any circumstances to seek to unilaterally cash from the card. This can be done only by court order.

Closing Bank card

Payroll cards are not charged - pays for them or a Bank or employer. However, after the dismissal, the map begins to be served according to the standard tariffs depending on its category. Therefore, to ensure that the map does not have any debt, it is necessary to write the application on closing the card and return it to the Bank. Also, some banks can reissue the card without notice to the customer by charging extra.

Thus, the map can accumulate the debt and close it without payment of the entire amount of the debt will be impossible. Therefore it is better to do this in advance of and immediately after the dismissal to write a statement requesting closure of the account. The employees of the Bank to the client should issue the account balance and provide documents confirming its closure.

Some banks automatically block salary cards, but it is better to clarify this point directly in the office.

Reissuance of the card

If after dismissal the card holder plans to continue to use the card, it should re-register themselves. Sometimes banks do this automatically and no additional statements to write is not required.

The ability of the card will not change, they will depend on the category card. The user will also be available non-cash payment, online shopping, payment of goods and services in the Internet, etc.

It is worth considering that on the cards with an overdraft facility (credit limit), issued in the framework of the salary project, the further operations will be performed only within the balance on the account.

Advice 3: Fabric rayon: all the advantages and disadvantages of

Today, almost every store you can see the fabric, marked as “rayon”. The name appeared in 1924 in the United States, and initially, textiles were called artificial silk. The material has gained much popularity among lovers of comfortable and pleasant to wear clothes.
Fabric rayon: all the advantages and disadvantages of

Remember, what is viscose

Most likely in every wardrobe there are things from it, not even one. So, rayon is viscose familiar to many, that's exactly what this material is called in the United States of America. The fabric is a artificially produced cloth, which is made from wood pulp, she, in turn, is a 100% natural product. It is worth noting that despite the fact that rayon has nothing to do with silk and cotton, he manages to combine perfectly the main advantages of both.

Rayon is used when tailoring combined with polyester or spandex. What to choose as a Supplement, is solved depending on what kind of clothes to sew. The material is perfect for light blouses, jackets and trousers. The fabric is easy to work, pleasant to the body, it has high durability and practicality.

Modern designers prefer rayon and love it for the special "compliance". They note that the special structure of the material allows to create clothes of any complexity, to form interesting folds, tucks, cuts and easy to achieve the desired volume and style.

Of rayon you can sew almost any clothes, men and women, for everyday wear or elegant options out. Typically, the material used to create clothes for the warm season. It is weightless, flowing and airy.

The advantages and disadvantages of fabric

Among the advantages of the material include:
• a sufficiently high strength, conceding, perhaps, only silk, flax and cotton;
• good elasticity, strong tension is contraindicated, it can cause serious upset;
• high thermal conductivity;
• the fabric is absolutely not of interest to insects, so when anti moth storage is not required;
• clothing made of rayon allows the skin to breathe and is good enough to cope with exposure to moisture and sweat.

Have a tissue and some shortcomings, but it is rather even minor difficulties associated with caring:
• items from this fabric should be washed extremely soft, warm water and the best hand. If you still use the washing machine, it should be "automatic". Also for rayon fit mode "delicate fabrics";
• after washing, in no event it is impossible to intensively squeeze the thing, and use a centrifuge to spin;
• when working with matter there is some inconvenience associated with the fact that the fabric mohrytsia on a cut, so the seams will take more time and effort.

It should be noted that rayon long is not contaminated, due to the fact that the fiber itself is very smooth. In addition, it can be quite and dry cleaning.
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