Before you send a document-a proposal, write it. Remember that a competent and proper preparation depends not only on the success of the transaction, but also the prestige of your organization.
Please note at the beginning of the quotation. The text that the opponent will see in the first place, plays a crucial role in the future. The first sentence should interest the customer, you should not start the document with "hackneyed phrases", with laudatory odes in honor of themselves, etc.
To interest the customer, include in the text of the document phrases such as "in conversation with you, we noticed...", "We loved your idea..." etc. When describing the product, avoid technical and incomprehensible terms that may be unfamiliar to the client.
Necessarily argues in favor of purchasing your product. Also describe the detailed cooperation scheme. Do not specify the base price, ask what it includes.
In conclusion, commercial offers, avoid phrases such as "We will help to solve your problems...", "We will be very upset if our offer will be neglected..." and others. Give the potential customer the opportunity to contact you to clarify any information, please "If you have any questions or suggestions, we are ready to answer and listen to them...".
Commercial offer made, now send it. If you have the opportunity, give the client personally, so you will show the respect to address him. If not possible, send the document via e-mail.
Do not write in the email subject line "Commercial proposal", as the opponent will not have the desire to read it (he might think that this is another spam).
Send commercial offer in the message body so as to open the file, it will not be because of fear to catch the virus. Arrange the text in different ways highlighting: in italics, brackets, paragraphs etc. Also can highlight the important information in a different color, thereby making the accent.
So that the client "probably" read the document, call him before sending.