Why commercial offer refuse?

Usually, a business offer is the first stage of negotiations: the client has not yet decided with whom he will work, suppliers or contractors waiting for his decision and trying to draw attention to himself. Commercial offers sent tens is an opportunity to show yourself in the best light, to describe all the possibilities and create a potential partner a good impression. Once the decision is made, all bids received go to the folder with promising contacts in case you have to change the artist - and in this situation it is important to properly prepare a letter of rejection, retaining for himself the possibility of re-treatment.

The ethics of refusal

In the rejection letter it is important to show respect for the other person - his offer was worthy, he took the time to discuss details, though not leading to the conclusion of the contract, and expects you to decisions, even if negative.

Refusal is issued on the letterhead of the company in electronic or paper form, depending on the situation. Standards of business communication require designated topic of the letter was neutral, without a negative - suited phrase "Response to your offer", "On cooperation", "work". Choose the topic that the recipient has used in his letter. To use for emails auto-answer topics, for example, RE: Commercial offer", it is undesirable, to avoid any feeling of neglect to the destination.

Nothing new in the appeal to the interlocutor for this kind of emails please use first name, if known, with the addition of the word "Dear". At the end of treatment is an exclamation point or a comma, depending on specific to your company design standards letters. Another important element of the written refusal to the proposal, which was sent to you and that, actually, you say no. The link better to insert at the beginning of the letter, immediately after the call - "In response to your request from 6.08.12...", "For proposal of 9 may...".

Definitely need to Express the regret of failure. If the letter with the proposal attached documents or informational materials that indicate that you received them and tried them - for example, "Thank you for a detailed presentation, our specialists got acquainted with the information provided, but, unfortunately, we are forced to cancel your services". Do not forget to specify the cause of failure, if you are authorized to do it - for example, if an offer does not meet the conditions of the tender. The choice of more lucrative offers as the reason for the failure is traditionally not made public.