First, just to endure. Acute pain lasts at least three weeks. Don't leave grief in alcohol is not going to help. You are only adding to past memories. If it was true love she is able to let go. Stand up, brace yourself and begin to act.
Change the place of residence or even the city and country. Always remember, everything that is done, the better. Real happiness in front of you.
Learn to live anew, to feel, to breathe, to enjoy sunrises and sunsets. Completely change your appearance and inner world.
Remember, the world is huge. Because of your parting he collapsed. All also nightingales sing. After winter comes spring.
Do not look for the meeting. Change phone numbers.
Examine your life, find other values in addition to love for the departed man.
Find yourself. People, who themselves are not found in other relationships will fail.
Remember, the final responsibility for what happens in your life is only for you. Learn to manage your emotions, feelings, and behavior. This will help you to find the strength to deal with everything, not just separation.
Engage in intense work or exhausting sports. Physical fatigue helps to distract from any thoughts. Good physical shape, will help to raise self-esteem.
Don't think about the past, learn to live in the present. Move forward without looking back. You will come a new love. You only need to open up to the world. To hope and to wait.