Don't keep emotions inside. Be sure to tell us how you feel to a close friend, a friend, a relative, in General, talk about their experiences with any beloved person, who sincerely sympathize with you. This will help to get rid of strong emotions, thus, it will be easier to get over a breakup.
After breaking up try to get rid of things that remind you of your former loved one. The method you will choose depends solely on your own preferences. Somebody better break up all the pictures and throw away the gifts (this is especially helpful in cases when the separation is due to infidelity), and it's easy for someone to put all the memorabilia into a box and hide it in the closet or the far corner of the wardrobe.
If you have the opportunity, try at least the first two or three months does not overlap with the former loved one. Unfortunately, this is difficult to do, if you are colleagues at work or hanging out with the same group of friends. But even in these cases, if the pain of parting is simply not tolerated, to somehow keep their peace of mind, temporarily do not communicate with common friends. If you would like to reduce communication to the minimum necessary to perform their jobs.
Hold with your ex-loved one distance at work
Try to do something positive to fill in the void. Options here can be set. For example, sports or a favorite hobby. If you don't like sports or you don't have any favorite things to do, try to get distracted with daily walks. Even better, if you have the opportunity to travel, even if it's a trip to a nearby city. Just keep in mind that it is not necessary to visit those places where you often went together. Otherwise, the pain of parting will only flare up with renewed vigor.
A walk in the Park with friends - a great way to escape from anxiety
If after parting with a loved one the biggest challenge for you was an empty apartment and a lonely evening, get a pet, e.g. cat or dog. This will help you to switch to care for a pet. Besides communicating with our smaller brethren is a very good remedy for depression, which usually accompanies breakup.