In order to always be ready for the beginning of menstruation, do not be lazy to keep a diary of "red days". Take your calendar and mark it the start day and the end date monthly. You can also specify there is a profusion of discharge, painting the circles darker or lighter. These observations need to be conducted in six months. Only then will create the correct pattern of your menstrual cycle.
If you like this calendar is not yet started, you have to remember, when last month you started and ended your period. How many days usually lasted your cycle? Twenty? Twenty-five? Add the number of days to the day, when did your last period. You will receive a date when your menstruation is supposed to begin this month. If it's been more than two weeks, and "red days" did not come - you have the real latency.
What to do in this case? To self-medicate is not necessary, consult a doctor. He will appoint all the necessary tests, conduct examinations and prescribe medications that regulate the menstrual cycle.
But if you and your husband work on procreation, then you have likely succeeded. To make sure of pregnancy, get a test. In the morning, when the concentration of urine above analysis. Saw two cherished stripes? Congratulations, you will soon become a mother! Don't delay a visit to the obstetrician - gynecologist. The sooner you attach to the antenatal clinic, the more likely it is to carry and give birth to a healthy baby.
In any case, disruptions in the menstrual cycle should not remain without your attention. If the monthly no more than two weeks, do not delay your visit to a specialist. Do not rely on "maybe". Proper and timely treatment will help to quickly cope with the diseases of the sexual sphere, and ensure a long and full life to the female body.
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