You will need
  • computer;
  • - flash drive.
Crashing file system on the flash drive can happen due to improper shutdown with the device. So this problem does not appear, use the functionality "safely remove".
Some drives are supplied with a special protection. Look carefully at the drive side you can find a small lever. If you or someone else accidentally moved it, the protection of Usb flash is activated. When connected to the computer there will be a message that is stored on a removable data disk is write-protected. You will not be able to copy the files or record a new one. Slide this lever in the opposite direction, and try again to connect your device to the computer. The flash drive should operate normally.
If this lever is not found - try to rename Usb flash. Insert the flash drive into the USB port. Then click on the icon "My computer" located on your desktop. Click the right mouse button and then removable disk icon, select "Properties". You will see several tabs: "Startup", "General", "Access", "Equipment". Usb flash you can rename the tab "General".
After change the name, remove the flash drive from the computer, not forgetting safe functionality, and paste again. If the error persists, try to restore defaults by clicking the appropriate line in the tab "AutoPlay".
Check for errors by using disk Defragmenter. The data on the data carrier, is not affected. Go to menu "Tools" and click "disk Defragmenter". Tab "Equipment" menu and "Properties" allow you to diagnose a removable disk or optimize it to improve performance.
Usb flash have a variety of appearance, amount of memory, sometimes equipped with additional functions. For example, the SanDisk Ultra USB flash drive - protection function is embedded at the hardware level. Unlock and change this password by clicking right mouse button on the removable disk icon. Browse menu, find the line "password Protection". Leave the pop-up window is empty – the function is disabled. Set the password if device protection is necessary.
To set a password on USB flash using special programs. For example, to protect the USB drive allows you to Secure — the program works automatically. To reset protection, you can only use the program that was used when installing it.