You will need
  • - card reader;
  • - USB Format Storage.
Ways of removing the password from the card memory depends on the ultimate goal of this process. If you need to retrieve information from the drive, use the utility Mount''n Drive. Download this program and install it.
Run the utility and connect the flash drive to the computer. In this case it is better to use a card reader to connect the device with PC. If this is not possible, connect your phone or camera in the "flash card".
After you define the new drive, click right mouse button in the program window Mount''n Drive. Select "Mount disk". Select the letter that be assigned to the new local disk.
Open its contents using any file Manager. Copy the desired information. After the files are extracted, close the program Mount''n Drive. Try formatting the drive in order to get rid of the password.
To do this, click "My computer" and find the icon of your flash drive. Click the right mouse button. In the ensuing window, select "Formatting". Select the appropriate file system format. Click "Start" and confirm the cleaning of the drive.
It should be noted that some models of cameras and phones allow you to format these devices. Do not neglect this function.
If you try to clean up the map memory on the display the password request window, download and install the USB Format Storage. Connect the flash drive to the computer via a card reader.
Activate the installed application, select the desired Disk card memory and click Format. Reinsert the card memory to the computer after the program is completed. Check the availability of the device.