That will help keep the hair color under the sun?

The first and easiest way is headpiece. To vary with the hats you can, as soon as they like. There are a different number of hats, beach and front. You can tie a shawl, scarf or bandana. But not all summer take place in the headdress, because sometimes it is hot and uncomfortable, so the option is temporary.

Protective spray for thermopacking. Every girl has to deal with appliances for styling (Curling irons, straightening irons and other devices). All they spoil the hair, under high temperature they also burn out and fade. Spray protects hair from the sun, on the same principle, even when exposed to high temperatures, the pigment of the hair does not change, but the color remains the same. Just spray on the hair before going out or going to the beach.

Lamination of hair. This procedure involves treatment of hair with a special drug. After lamination, every hair if placed in a special transparent membrane, which protects it from exposure to the environment, including from ultraviolet rays.

There are more available, and most importantly, natural remedies hair from fading. Beer. This product is in every store, but not all benign. Hair best fit dark draft beer. Soak the sponge in fresh beer and thoroughly soak the hair, then dry them Hairdryer. With this way the hair will not look greasy and dirty, beer will give protection from both the sun and from the aggressive saline seawater.

Eggs. Separate the protein and apply it on clean hair. After 5 minutes rinse with water. Protein forms a protective film on the hair, and you can safely go to the beach without fear that the hair can lose color and become dimmer.