To download a certain movie in Navigator, you need to prepare a special cable, which transfers the files from the computer to the file system Navigator. As a rule, you first need to prepare the optimal resolution of the film, as the Navigator will not be able to play the movie, the resolution greater than the resolution of the device. Look in the documents, what's the resolution of the navigation system. Further, the Internet search for your film with such a permission or free for a limited the film.
Insert the cable first in the Navigator, and then in the personal computer. Once the device is defined, you will be the vehicle through which you can view all files available in the system Navigator. However, it should be noted that a large amount of files can slow down the system, so it is best to use data storage. As a rule, each navigation device has a slot for a memory card. Purchase this card. Insert it into the device and connect your device to your computer.
Find the video folder. Flip back the movie you have downloaded. Then remove the device from the computer. Once the Navigator is included, try to play the movie. If he will not play, so the resolution problem. Also do not forget that navigators rather weak built-in speakers, and connect other devices is almost impossible. If you often watch movies in the car, you'd better buy a small DVD player that is designed specifically for such purposes. The cost of this device varies from 3000 and above thousand rubles, but the quality of playback will be much better.