You will need
  • yoga mats and fitness.
Individual litter needed to comply with the rules of hygiene. For the comfortable classes, it is very important to choose anti-slip Matthat will not only to fix the position of the body and limbs, but also to absorb excess moisture. First and foremost, pay attention to the material from which made the litter.
A Mat of thick PVC, in contrast to synthetic, has a rough surface. During class hands and feet will not slip on it. The pad has sufficient thickness, but it's pretty hard to cause some discomfort when you perform intense exercise.
Soft, light and elastic Mat of a thermoplastic elastomer has non-slip properties and absorbs moisture. The material is never exposed to external factors and keeps its shape, so it is suitable for long term use.
Appreciate natural yoga mats, made of rubber with the addition of jute and rubber. Select anti-slip Mat for effective lessons, and it will serve you for many years. Rubber does not slip does not absorb odors, is not electrified. You will not hurt to put on the Mat the knee or elbow, the coating has insulating properties.
Some rugs have additional cover made of cotton or microfiber, which completely absorbs sweat. To understand, will you slide on this Mat during training or not, feel it.
Once you decide the material, you must match the length of anti-slip Mat, depending on growth. If your height up to 180 cm, enough length mats 185 cm Tall person would be comfortable on a two-meter rug. Choose a long mattress, and in that case, if the work require icing of the body and limbs.