Purchase mats for interior and trunk. This will allow the most possible to protect the interior from dust and dirt. In addition, the mats wash much easier than a car. Keep in mind that they can be both universal and specially made for specific car model.
If you don't want to spend a lot of time and money for search of rugs, buy generic. But they will last very long, they often have to replace new. The mats are not perfectly lie on the floor of the cabin, even if they are cut along the contour of the "trough". But there is one big plus – the universal Mat can be bought in any supermarket.
Purchase floor mats specifically made for the brand of your car. Select the material from which made the floor mats. The most practical is rubber. Rubber mats protect the bottom car against the penetration of large amounts of moisture, thus preventing decay of the acoustic layer and corrosion of the metal. The original mats made of cloth have a much better ability to absorb excess moisture, as with rubber spikes on its basis.
But keep in mind that despite the convenience and low cost of rubber mats, they have a number of negative qualities. They are very badly bent (inelastic), break from freezing, have a lot of weight and keep unpleasant odors.
Try to use polyurethane mats. They can easily repeat a complex configuration of gender, have high sides, and weighs twice less than rubber, does not harden in the cold. Although polyurethane mats are expensive, they don't wear out and don't dry out from exposure to high temperatures.
Note the "mechanism" that prevents movement of the Mat on the floor. It may be different Velcro, hooks or other devices are securely attached to a rigid Foundation Mat.