Advice 1: How to choose carpet for car interior

The car mats are an important accessory. Without it, the floor of the car very quickly get a horrible appearance. Car mats can be universal or they make under a certain brand machine.
How to choose carpet for car interior

The disadvantages of universal mats is that they will not look well, they usually do not have boards. If they are still present, the size of the "trough" is not so great.

Purchase a universal Mat can be in any shop of automobile accessories. Mats made for the specific make of car are made at a certain factory patterns. They successfully complement the design of the machine. Car mats are made from rubber, textile and polyurethane. The cost of the mats under the brand" will be more expensive. In shops of automobile accessories, you can find a huge range of mats.

Rubber mats

Are cheaper. May be suitable for any cars. Have high bumpers. Perfectly protect the vehicle floor from moisture, easy to clean. The disadvantages of this kind of mats are: lack of flexibility, decent weight, ability to absorb and retain odor.

Textile floor mats

Have a beautiful appearance and easy to take out. The price ranges from medium to high. Cheaper options are made from a rubberized material. This can be used all year round. The disadvantages of this type include: the inability to retain a lot of moisture, drying of such products requires a lot of time.

Often the owners of car in summer use mats made of textiles, and in winter mats rubber with high sides. Any car Mat may eventually deteriorate because of negative impacts of salt and other reagents.

Polyurethane mats

Not so widely used by motorists. They are usually made for a specific make of car. Models have high sides that prevent the spill of water. The mats are lighter, have good frost resistance and high wear resistance. Unlike rubber mats, they cost significantly more.

Advice 2: How to clean the interior of the car

Even if you use your vehicle gently, making the cleaning of the interior of the car still have. You need to know what coverage is on the seats. But everything else is cleaned with a standard set of tools.
How to clean the interior of the car
You will need
  • -car vacuum cleaner;
  • brush;
  • -scoop;
  • -wet towel;
  • -stick;
  • -special tools for cleaning different surfaces;
  • -cloth and sponge;
  • -flour, coffee or rice;
  • -ice;
  • -ammonia.
First remove all items from the car. Don't forget to pick up items from the glove compartment. Remove all the detachable parts in the car. It can be head-rests, ash trays or covers from the seats. Don't forget to remove all jewelry.
To effectively clean the interior of the car, you first need to remove all the dirt and debris. Take car vacuum cleaner and thoroughly clean the entire interior. Don't forget to vacuum under the mats. If you do not have car vacuum cleaner, take a small brush and sweep up all the dust down. Then lift the mats, gather all the garbage into a pile and notice on the scoop.
If the car is not leather, take a damp towel (or any other wet a thick cloth). Put it on the seat and with a stick knock all the dust. Move the towel and repeat the procedure. So you need to make for all soft surfaces of the interior.
Take special product for cleaning seats, apply it evenly on the entire surface of the seats. Take a brush with soft bristles and brush the entire surface. Remove the foam. A damp cloth collect the dirt. Do not soak too much padding, otherwise it will be a very long time to dry.
If you have leather interior, first degrease the surface of the seats. This can be done using any special tools. Next, use a leather cleaner. The older the padding, the more gentle must be the remedy. Dry the interior and apply protectant to the skin.
If you need to remove odor from the interior of the car, put him in for a day capacity of flour, coffee or rice. These products stretched all the flavors. After use, the products should be thrown out. If you want to remove chewing gum, apply for a couple of minutes. And then gently scrape.
Solid surface in the cabin can murk with virtually any detergent. Of course, in addition to powder. Don't forget to remove the formed foam. Ceiling clean thick rag or sponge dipped in soapy water. Do not brush the ceiling of the car with brushes.
To clean glass, take liquid for washing, apply to glass. Wipe the surface of the paper. If you do not have the liquid for washing Windows, use water with a few drops of ammonia.
After cleaning, the car must be dried. It will take about a day. In the warm season you can leave your car on the street, and in winter only in the garage.
Useful advice
If the surface is heavily polluted, the cleanup can be done 2-3 times.

Advice 3: How to make mats in the car

In winter, the abundant use of road reagents is detrimental to shoes, and motorists suffer damaged tyres and floor mats interior. For three to four months, when the temperature drops below zero and the streets are handled by the agents, some drivers have time to change a few sets of mats for the car. But you can always find a way to save making mats with their hands.
How to make mats in the car
Select the material from which you will produce floor mats for your car. It is best to use two layers – one for waterproofing, the second to protect the lower layer from exposure to reagents. Perfect rubber or plastic for the bottom and a dense textile fabric for the second.
To begin, make measurements. This can be done using a tape measure. By measuring the width and length of a place Mat, cut out a piece of paper and attach to the place, and then outline the irregularities of the edges of the space needed. This piece of paper can now be used as a template.
Another way of measuring is much easier – just draw over the old pad or use it as a stencil.
For the bottom layer get rubber sheet waterproofing at the hardware store or use a more suitable car Mat.
To the top apply a dense felt, an old rug or carpet, which is unlikely to be useful at your home (can be used as woolen and synthetic carpeting).
On the previously prepared stencil, apply the outline part of the Mat with chalk or an old remnant. Carefully cut along the contour of the applied part of the future of the Mat; the edge of the textile pieces should be treated with a match or lighter to primality appeared thread. It is necessary to ensure that our rug was not undone. Check that both layers of the pad coincide with each other. If there are irregularities, correct them with scissors.
On both layers of the Mat seal between them. This is best done using thick threads. Apply both layers exactly on top of each other and make a series of holes along the edge of the workpiece at a distance of about half an inch between them. The case remained for small – to with a thick needle and strong thread to sew the parts of the Mat together.
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