The disadvantages of universal mats is that they will not look well, they usually do not have boards. If they are still present, the size of the "trough" is not so great.

Purchase a universal Mat can be in any shop of automobile accessories. Mats made for the specific make of car are made at a certain factory patterns. They successfully complement the design of the machine. Car mats are made from rubber, textile and polyurethane. The cost of the mats under the brand" will be more expensive. In shops of automobile accessories, you can find a huge range of mats.

Rubber mats

Are cheaper. May be suitable for any cars. Have high bumpers. Perfectly protect the vehicle floor from moisture, easy to clean. The disadvantages of this kind of mats are: lack of flexibility, decent weight, ability to absorb and retain odor.

Textile floor mats

Have a beautiful appearance and easy to take out. The price ranges from medium to high. Cheaper options are made from a rubberized material. This can be used all year round. The disadvantages of this type include: the inability to retain a lot of moisture, drying of such products requires a lot of time.

Often the owners of car in summer use mats made of textiles, and in winter mats rubber with high sides. Any car Mat may eventually deteriorate because of negative impacts of salt and other reagents.

Polyurethane mats

Not so widely used by motorists. They are usually made for a specific make of car. Models have high sides that prevent the spill of water. The mats are lighter, have good frost resistance and high wear resistance. Unlike rubber mats, they cost significantly more.