You will need
  • - the CD player;
  • - a CD with relaxing music;
  • - a CD with your settings;
  • - the privacy;
  • - comfortable clothing for meditation;
  • - scissors;
  • - incense sticks;
  • - sedative teas with mint, Melissa, chamomile.
Engage in meditative techniques – they relax the body and bring thoughts in order. Ventilate the room in which you will engage.
10-15 minutes out of the area of inaccessibility – turn off the TV, radio, unplug all the phones. To hear yourself, you will need silence. And let the world wait!
Sit as you are comfortable, straighten your back, relax. Ensure that your body felt free and easy. Close your eyes, make 5-6 deep breaths. In the process of meditation, take all the sounds, sensations, characters, color patches and images, which may arise before your mind's eye.
Try to concentrate on the images, make them the most vivid, experience emotions, feel the picture. To the extent possible "turn off" their endless internal dialogue – the thoughts that are constantly swirling in my head throughout life. The duration of each meditation will be from 3 to 5 minutes.
Create your own CD, put it on his setup for his subconscious. For example, this may be allegations that are necessary for the health and beauty of your body: "I'm handsome(a)", "My skin is filled with solar energy", "I Have healthy silky hair", "I Have a strong healthy heart," "I am peaceful", "I'm not going anywhere", "My body is maximally relaxed, My mind clear of thoughts," "I don't think anything", etc. Imagine that the principle of your head is the same as the CD player. The "throw" of this player the old drive with the old "thinking" about your body. Put a new CD-affirmations in the player and listen to them smoothly and slowly repeating each sentence out loud. All this time, imagine that over your head you are sunshine.
Go to the second meditation "a Puppet", which allows you to get rid of people seeking to control you, painful addictions and dependencies. Use the image of the puppet, remember the puppeteer, controlling her movements. This are you a puppet controlled by something or someone, including their beliefs, thoughts, negative habits. At the beginning of meditation, define those people or addictions that prevent you from living. Imagine yourself as a puppet, which is managed, from the top pulling the strings. This someone is standing over you and causes the threads to move. Recognize who it is or what it is. Feel the desire to be free, to break away from him. Pick up a pair of scissors. Imagine how you happily cut the thread. Feel the strength and the full release. Move freely and easily, now you can do it yourself.
Spend the third meditation: "Parus udachi". Imagine that you are on the boat floating on the sea of his life. You swim through wealth, success, and abundance. Suddenly the wind is changing, you find yourself in calm. Look around, rate the sea surface, determine where it will blow a new wind. Expand your boat so to catch a new wind. Keep moving toward its goal of a relaxing life with no fuss. Feel that you control your life.
Through such meditation 3-4 times per week, you will soon notice that the rush, rush, fear and uncertainty leave your life, and they are replaced by peace and tranquility.