The Board "let it go" can be heard quite often. Say: "just Relax, no worries, give it time". The share of pragmatism in this, but... If the problem is topical, it's eating at him, everything reminds me of her, and for a long time to fall asleep and Wake up with only one thought: how to get what to do. In this case, the energy goes more on experience and "running in circles", but to pull myself together, to stop and just not think people can not. So what do mean when you say – "let it go"?
Unfortunately, the level of empathy developed not at all well enough. Speaking of "let it go", the source side can see the redundancy of your experience, but don't know or don't even attempt to enter your condition, understand its causes, to feel your pain. By and large, he doesn't care, and maybe your own plans for the dinner is more of him. But what should you do?
Besides the incident that you are so concerned, in your life certainly there are a lot of other problems and events. Engage them, think about them, don't let yourself become limp in a pool of his own fears and insecurities. Let it be even the smallest of everyday tasks – make them like you at the moment, no matter anything else, with full dedication.
But to shrug off the problem, of course, do not just go out for a long time without finding a resolution, she can harrass you, to lead to a nervous breakdown or even insanity. If you think that to cope with the situation yourself you can't, seek help from a psychologist or psychotherapist. Shame in that there is nothing – on the contrary, now it is considered even fashionable.
If you are sure that you will be able to understand themselves and to control their senses, start working on yourself in this direction. Describe the situation as you see it, as well as their emotions and feelings. Can you imagine if this like you telling a friend, who understands you. Turn on your inner parent who accepts you just the way you are, fully supports you and wants to help you. Tell him to paint what happened as if the child pornusy finger, complained of the mom or dad.
Next, turn on positive thinking and approach the problem creatively. Start to come up with possible options to resolve the situation, even the most fantastic. So your brain will be busy and will not idle (and it is Oh how difficult), it will not be in the negative and the positive. In addition, your imagination can run wild so much so that it's even going to entertain you or at least calm.