Psychology of expectations – not the easiest thing. No matter what are you waiting for: true love, a raise at work, the warm summer in order to rest – in any case, first try to realize one simple thing. Life is what is happening today. All that was before is in the past. What will happen then is yet to come. You only have today, the present moment. And you dedicate it to the barren process of painful waiting. Start living instead of waiting, hoping, something will force you to do it in the future. Do what you like.
If you have a specific dream, try to implement it. Usually people are afraid to even start, believing that their dream is so complex that they can't achieve it. And someone even does not ask himself such a question, it's just a dream – and let it be somewhere far away, because waiting is such a convenient way to escape from reality! But try at least to take up the case.
The first thing to break a large and complex goal that really is able to strike terror, into simpler steps. Each of them must be such that it was clear how to implement it. If the steps are too complex, break them. Need to the realization of the goal appeared in a tangible form, for you to understand how to approach the matter and to take him to implement his plan. And start! No need to wait.
It happens that a person expects in his life will appear someone that could change everything. It will be a new and true love, as it should be. But someone else wants to, that will return the person does not have a relationship in the past. This expectation is absolutely not useful. It is exhausting, depressing and unnerving. Instead to indulge in fruitless dreams, take care of yourself. Find a hobby, become more alive and interesting person. If you are in their place and doing their job, life itself will develop so that the most similar temperament people are near to you.
If you are waiting for the resolution of any complex situation, all the time I doubt that happens, and sometimes it seems that everything has become like a tangled knot that can't unravel, try to cut it, finding a simple solution. Find out all you care about. As is often the expectation is delayed only because people are unsure of anything and are afraid to at least try to change that. Ask about what's going on is normal. To allow someone to mess with your head, forcing you to wait is not clear why – that should not be allowed.