Keep in mind that the individual is configured optimistic, more endures various life difficulties. If you want to learn how not to despair in any situation, change your view of the world. A positive attitude will support you at the right time. Learn to cheer yourself up when needed. Think about what can make you happy and distract from the sad thoughts. Watching motivating movies. They can often find examples of how people have shown resilience in difficult times, never gave up and eventually won. Gain the courage and positive mood from upbeat people.
Not to fixate on the difficulties and failures. Better mark those moments that you get. Some people in any endeavor complain that everything goes wrong. Sometimes the fact that they initially set unconstructive. Maybe the fact that the goal was false, and so the subconscious looking for an excuse to stop the process. Sometimes people are just afraid that their dream will come true, and for their despair lies the fear of the unknown. Understand yourself. Rise above circumstances and focus on the positive.
Be flexible and learn to adapt to changing circumstances. Remember the analogy of trees, plants with sturdy, thick trunks broken by hurricane more often than thin, but flexible twigs. So you should be able to change its state. Remember that it is a strong, solid individuals tend to get discouraged and give up because not accustomed to bend to the situation. Do not repeat this error.
Look for additional opportunities. Believe me, in most cases they are, one has only to switch from failures and unfortunate shortcomings and begin to think constructively. Think what useful things you can learn from this situation. Remember that even in times of great crisis some individuals have improved their life, because able to think outside the box and do not despair.
Set aside emotions, particularly a sense of despair in the direction. Do not think about their inner feelings, just keep moving forward towards achieving this goal. This is often reflective natures, are prone to excessive introspection and long doubt. Sometimes you should stop listening to yourself and just keep going. Remember, sometimes the most difficult moments are crucial. If you don't stop in front of you will reward.