You will need
  • Computer, keyboard, software Microsoft Office Word.
In order to start working with a text editor, it must be run. This can be done in the following way: click menu "start" - select "All programs" - "Microsoft Office Word" - "MS Word".
Then you can create a new document (menu "File" - "New") or open your saved file (menu "File" - "Open").
Enter the desired text. For training, you can gain a sentence or even a few words. Check the keyboard layout – select the Cyrillic layout. Hold Ctrl + key "a" + key "e" (Ctrl + double-clicking on the key "e"). Before the cursor is a cherished symbol.
Also it is possible to install apostrophe without switching the keyboard layout in a different way which will be suitable only for keyboards with a separate arithmetic element (under key Num Lock). Hold down the Alt key and type on the numeric keypad "039". Before the cursor is a cherished symbol. It should be noted that when dialing numbers, "039" in the top row of the keyboard (below the function keys F1-F12), this effect can not be obtained. Therefore, this method is not suitable for most keyboards of laptops.