Young skalyariy floor to define somewhat heavier than in adults. The first sex characteristics appear approximately at the age of 10 months. Look closely at the upper dorsal fin of your fish. Males have it slightly longer than the female. Also the male has more bars on the back of the dorsal fin. Angelfish have bright transverse stripes, which can change its colour, reacting to external factors and stimuli. Depending on the mood of the fish, the stripes can be black, pale or dim, which makes them virtually invisible. Unfortunately, even professional aquarist not always distinguished sexual characteristics in color.
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There is another more accurate method of determining the sex of angelfish. It would also require a careful examination of your aquarium fish. The essence of sex determination is that the frontal part of males is broader and more convex, has the form of a steep hillock. In females also it has a concave shape. In General, males are always larger in size than the female.
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Another distinctive feature of a male is the presence of a long dorsal fin. The female can be recognized by the presence of a protruding abdomen and the little bump that is near the genital opening.
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