Take the dart and place it in his open palm. Try to feel where his centre of gravity. Gently roll the dart to your finger tips, placing the thumb so that it was found by the center of gravity.
Hold the shell with two, three, four or all five fingers. The brush lead to the sighting position. Ensure that the end of the dart pointing up. Make sure that the fingers touch only the metal part (body) of the dart. Not to touch the shank and tail. Don't squeeze fingers into a fist. Fingers that are not involved in the grip, set aside, or keep them as you wish. Watch carefully for little finger – if you press it to the palm, the fingers will reflexively tense up, which will affect the quality of the grip.
Do not strain your muscles. Hold the dart so that it could not slip out of hands. Try to send a dart flying strong and precise movement, hold down the selected direction of the projectile.