The choice of Darts Darts is very important. Each player is individual, it has its physiological characteristics, which determine the style of the game. Choose the right dart fit the length of the fingers, the manner of the throw, and even under the psychological characteristics of the player. For example, if you are nervous, and his hands start to sweat, buy a dart with rough housing. If you adventurous, you may go for feather plumage, and with it the flight of the dart is especially quick, however, it quickly wears out.
Darts are one of four types: brass, Nickel silver or tungsten. The majority of professionals uses tungsten as they are the most durable and balanced. But at a cost they are much more expensive than others. The most inexpensive Darts are brass, they are also the most difficult. But in professional Darts, they are not used as wear out quickly. Nickel or silver Darts are "middle class". They are fairly simple to use, and the price reasonable. Choosing a dart, pay attention to their strength, as beginners often overshoot the target, falling to the floor, wall and various items.
Feathering is necessary in order to stabilize the flight of the dart. It is of three types. Hard tail is the most durable. It is made from polyester, which is fixed under the action of high temperature. Another dart is unlikely to damage this unit. If it is in relief, the dart during flight may slightly vibrate. The flexible tail is made of layers of soft plastic, which are connected by special glue. This is the cheapest option. Nylon tail is somewhere between hard and soft, it very durable, the Darts were almost never broken. Heavy tail will allow you to perform aggressive throws, but easy – more technical and calm.
Choosing the hull form, use primarily your feelings. You need to take these Darts that fit your play style, throw them you must be comfortable. "Torpedo" in its simplest form, which is easy to find the center of gravity, allowing you to avoid mistakes with the development of technology. Other options – the "barrel", "drop". The shape of the hull need to choose your own.
Nice appearance of a dart does not mean they are quality. For example, too lush plumage looks beautiful, but the game often creates noise. Check that the needle was sharp enough, and all the details of the dart firmly fastened.