You will need
  • - lemon juice;
  • - vinegar;
  • - coffee grounds;
  • Sol.
Take table 9% vinegar, soak a cotton ball to them and wipe hands. This will save the skin from the smell of onions. You can use the kitchen special atomizer, which in a glass of water diluted tablespoon of vinegar. Splashing such funds on hands and working surface in contact with the bow, destroys the odor. In addition, the vinegar helps disinfect and destroy germs.
Moisten hands with water, and then for a few seconds massage them with a small amount of salt. After that, rinse the skin with water, and the smell of onions on the hands will disappear. Even more effective is struggling with a similar flavor used coffee grounds, which also gently massage the skin.
Hover over a solution of two cups water, a tablespoon of salt and teaspoon of baking soda. In this solution soak your hands for a couple of minutes. In this solution it is also possible to wash knives or cutting boards, which shredded onions.
Take a lemon, cut it into two halves and carefully wipe his hands cut. Lemon juice will help to remove the smell of onions. You can just squeeze a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice and wash their hands.
Purchase for kitchen special liquid soap having properties to repel the smell. Some manufacturers are positioning these funds for the kitchen, as they are easier to handle with odormi. If after the first wash, the smell is present, wash your hands again.
Rather peculiar folk remedy proposes to use any piece of stainless steel, which must be rubbing their hands. The smell of onion will disappear, but then the skin will smell like iron.