You will need
  • - small branches of trees are characterised by extensive forms,
  • - hobby knife
  • paint spray green of several shades,
  • - a hard brush for glue
  • - foam
  • - grinder
  • - PVA glue,
  • - dry moss,
  • - manual collet mini drills,
  • - adhesive instant commit,
  • - nitrocellulose lacquer in aerosol packages
  • nail art strong hold.
Go to the woods or the nearest Park, find a dry branches of trees with a length of 30-20 cm or less, depending on what will be the scale of the layout. Choose branches, similar in its form on the trunk and branches of a tree, you can pick up a small well-branched twigs, which can then be glued to the main trunk copy. Find a thick, beautiful moss, it will need to simulate branches and foliage. Came home, put his "prey" to dry. For this lay newspaper to the window sill. Moss disassemble into separate "branches" and also dry.
Trim the twigs with a utility knife, give them the desired shape and length. The upper tips of the branches point. If necessary, paint the trunk of the tree is gray-brown paint, in color resembling the bark of natural wood. With manual collet of minerali drill in the right places and holes in them instant glue to glue the small branches that form the crown. Cover the "trunk" and branches of varnish and hang over the base of the trunk to dry.
Thread a piece of foam through a meat grinder several times. Received a small crumb divide into two or three parts and paint them green with spray paint of several colors, it will be the leaves.
Paint the branches of moss green spray paint, coat the green part with white glue and sprinkle on them the foam coating the foliage. Allow to dry. Then on the places where the foam did not stick, put some glue and sprinkle them again. Dry.
Assemble billet trunk, crown and branches of the tree into a single structure. Attach the branches with glue instantaneous fixing from top to bottom of the barrel. Below the branches is well kept, you can first drill a drill a small hole at an angle to the axis of the trunk and branches, this will allow you to give your vegetation a natural appearance. In these holes then put instant glue and secure it in this thread. Finished wood cover with nitrocellulose lacquer which is sprayed from an aerosol can.