The novice collector should know that there is a considerable amount of coin catalogs. For Russian coins are used most often to two of them: the so-called Krause catalog and directory Uzdennikov. These directories contain data on the prices of coins depending on their variety, preservation and rarity. The higher the security of the coins, the higher will be its price.
Rare coins determined by the number of coins available for collectors, it depends on the mintage of a particular coin. The highest rating receive copies, released in limited editions.
Any of the used directories to determine only the total price per coin, regardless of its real safety. This limitation is a big minus rating with directories.
The real price of a coin is its actual market value. As a rule, it is significantly different from the price specified in the catalogue. The market price largely depends on the demand, the price of precious metals, the quality of the specific instance, and many other factors. To find the "right" price allows only one way – we need to find the price is exactly the same already sold the coins.
Huge components in the world numismatic market are mints, trading agents, auctions, private collectors and also organizations offering services on an independent classification of the coins. In Russia the structure of the market of numismatics is still in its infancy and consists of small auctions and a lot of collectors.
The collector should approach the purchase of coins, fully aware of possible risks, their incorrect estimation. Those buyers who do not have sufficient expertise in numismatics, must pay attention to the coins with not too high value ofth. To gain experience novice numismatist may, referring to manuals, catalogs and studying a large number of coins.