The decision to change the head, adopted by the General meeting must be recorded in the minutes. Get the signature of the Chairman and Secretary of the meeting, assure them the seal of the enterprise. If the founder is the only member, then the basis is an individual decision.
The documents to be submitted to the tax office, must be pre-certified by a notary. Prepare the necessary documents and attach it to the statement of changes in EGRUL, completed on a standardized form Р14001. Please carefully fill in the application form, do not allow corrections. One set in the wrong place, "tick" might be the reason for the refusal to accept the application.
Submit two sheets, filled in the approved form with information on the applicant and the details of the person who has the right to act on behalf of the company without power of attorney. To contact the tax office as the applicant can only be a leader, both old and new. Usually that has been doing the new leadership.
Pay the state fee for making changes to URL and attach it to the package of documents. The notary provide the originals of the certificate on INN assignment, OGRN. In the documents you attach all the evidence produced by earlier changes in the constituent documents, if they are ever produced. You will also need to provide primary documents: the minutes of the meeting on the establishment of the company, minutes of the meeting with the decision on the change of management, the order on appointment of the current Manager, the company's Charter and statement of their incorporation.
For the registration and registration of change of Director in the tax office, collect a package of documents, which attach the minutes of the meeting with the decision dismissing the old and appointing the new head, as well as the order of appointment, which is signed by the person appointed to this post. In addition, you'll need a notarized statement on form Р14001.