Go to the following website:
Click on the Download link located in left column of this page. Find the section Binaries, and point MPlayer Windows with SMPlayer GUI (recommended). Download the. EXE file on the HTTP link located to the right of this paragraph. Save it, run the installer and then install with it player MPlayer.
Player which you just installed, unable to access the codecs that are already present in the system. He began to accept files in various formats that you find on the same page Binary Codec Packages section, and click Windows x86 20071007 (the numbers at the end of the name can vary). Download the ZIP archive of the HTTP link located to the right of this paragraph.
Using the Windows search system files and folders, locate the folder called codecs. Open the downloaded archive with any archiver (e.g. 7-Zip), then copy all the files with the codecs in this folder.
Note that MPlayer with all its advantages has one disadvantage: he loses badly streaming and therefore unsuitable for listening to Internet radio stations. To be able to listen to them, without resorting to using Windows Media Player, download player Real Player from the following page:

Click on the green button Real Player Free Download, download setup file and install the player. Try not to use it for any purposes other than streaming, broadcasting. Do not download by mistake player Plus Real Player (click to download below and has a blue color) - this is the paid version of the normal Real Player.
Check out the work of both players. First try to run a few audio and video files of different formats, and the second is to open multiple streaming links and listen to the Internet broadcast.