To switch audio stream, simply click the right mouse button in the player window and select the context menu item "Audio". In the submenu you can activate any of the available tracks. By default, they will be as follows: Audio 1, Audio 2, etc. But in some cases can repeat the name of the video and different identifiers or transfer. Click the left mouse button on the desired track to use it for playback from the current moment.
If you try to select the context menu item "Audio", you find this command is unavailable, open access to a selection of audio tracks from the settings menu of the program. To do this, click the menu "View" command on "Settings" in the new dialog box, select options, go sequentially in the sections: "filters", "Autoparallel". Select the check box for the "Enable built-in switch audio tracks", click OK and restart Windows Media Player Classic.
Perhaps when you try to activate additional paths in the menu you will only see one audio stream (the current). This means that the video file does not contain additional tracks. In this case, the file with the correct audio stream should be placed in the folder containing the video. However, his name must be identical to the name of the video file and differ only by the extension. You must then restart (close and reopen) the player to make the changes effective.