Advice 1: How to restore Windows Media player

It often happens, when after a system update or install some applications cease to function correctly certain programs – for example, player Windows Media. In this case, it is possible to try to recover.
How to restore Windows Media player
First check whether you have enabled system restore. Just right click the icon "My computer" on the desktop, select "Properties". In the opened window select the tab "system Restore". If the line "turn Off system restore on all drives" is not set by a bird, all right, you can start the recovery procedure.
Open "start" - "All programs" - "Accessories" - "system tools" - "system Restore". In the opened window must be marked "Restoring an earlier state of the computer." Click "Next" in the new window, select the calendar day are marked in bold – that as of this day, you can try to restore the system. Again click "Next", read the warning and start the recovery process.
You should know that the above-described recovery helps not always, in many cases, to roll back the system to a working state is not possible. In this case, try to reinstall the broken components. Open "start" - "control Panel" - "add or remove programs". Select "Windows components". In the opened window, locate the line "Windows Media Player" and remove the bird. Click "Next" player will be deleted. Then restart the computer.
Now re-install Windows Media. Reopen the Windows components and put a bird in front of the line "Windows Media Player", click "Next". Try to play a music file – the player should work.
In that case, if the fault is serious, and restore the player has failed, you must install it again. This will require the installation file, locate the latest version of the player. Run the installation file and follow all the instructions. If you have a licensed operating system, any difficulties should arise. When using unlicensed Windows installations may cause problems, as the installer will authenticate with the OS. In this case, replace the operating system license, or use other players, e.g. Winamp.

Advice 2: How does new social network Medium

The two founders of the popular microblogging service Twitter has created a new portal that should bring blogging to a new level of development. The platform of online diaries has a lot in common with Twitter, but according to the creators, yet equipped with all the features that are planned. However, the fundamental function of promoting the highest quality content she has already decided.
How does new social network Medium

A new system of blogging does not involve the presence of each of the posters own page messages of various authors are based on their topics, a few General collections. Within these collections of news are ranked according to their popularity and novelty. The popularity is determined by readers - they can "like" any entry, and that voice will be on a scale taken into account in determining the ranking of the ratios of hits/rewards. This system eliminates the Institute of "followers", "Twitter" and makes unnecessary special measures for the artificial rise of popularity of messages.

Among the collections available to the authors, for example, had This Happen To Me - "It happened to me," When I Was a Kid - "When I was a kid" etc. a Similar system has long operated in the popular mostly in the West, the social network Pinterest. However, in addition to General collections of Medium users have the ability to create your own, closed collections, which will not get reports of other authors.

Twitter and Medium have a common system of authorization - the user of the new platform is not required to create a separate account on the portal. Therefore, the new network in some extent can be regarded as an additional service to microblogs Twitter. For example, if your new message does not fit in 140-character limitation of the old engine you can put it on the new portal, where there is no such restriction. And for those who are generally uncomfortable to exist in such a cramped format and always want to illustrate your news photos Medium will be the main blogovi service. However, while operates in a restricted mode to read the messages can do everything, but the authors of the Postings are selected through a system of personal invitations.

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