Advice 1: How to set equalizer for Windows Media

Setting the equalizer in a standard Windows Media Player does not differ from the settings of other players. This player has both the manual configuration and selection of the optimal settings for various musical genres.
How to set equalizer for Windows Media
You will need
  • program Windows Media Player.
Click at the top of the Windows Media player window displays the EQ. If you know how to set the EQ, do it manually with a special panel on the right. If you set up a graphic equalizer for the first time, use the default setting, which you can download in the drop-down menu respectively the music you listen to most often is jazz, Blues, folk, hip-hop and so on.
Also you can download some of the settings of the equalizer from the Internet on special websites. In this case, the configuration is done manually, but all values for controls prescribed in the instructions. To change the settings of the sound balance adjust the pointer with the appropriate name.
To navigate to the appropriate for your case settings, carefully read the detailed configuration of your systems. Sometimes, despite the fact that setting the EQ one, the sound is different due to differences of the range of reproducible columns of frequencies. Also it could depend on the option of digitizing the video – there are many moments that are capable in one way or another affect the choice of the optimal configuration.
Adjusting the EQ in Windows Media Player, do not forget that the sound of speakers or headphones in the first place is governed by the settings of the sound card. To do this, open the utility responsible for setting it up. Usually it is in the control panel of your computer or in some cases it is minimized to the system tray on the taskbar in the lower right corner.
Find the menu item "Equalizer" and turn it off in that case, if you want the playback was regulated only with the help of Windows Media Player.
Useful advice
Pick the setting with the features of the speaker system.

Advice 2: How to set the EQ

Professionals working with sound, set up equalizers, trusting to his own ears. This approach is quite clear: on any device and in any room to make the sound clean and high quality is possible only on the basis of the environment. For non-professionals some advice on how to set the EQ would be very helpful.
How to set the EQ
Any equalizer can be divided into three types of frequencies: high, mid, low. Each type correspond to several controls corresponding to a level of Hertz. To adjust the equalizer, turn up the music at a comfortable volume. First of all, remove the overemphasis of any frequency, as expressed in the rales. The sound should be clean and clear, not cutting ears. It should also be guided by personal taste. For example, someone who likes soft bass, someone tough, someone very low. In all cases, adjust a comfortable sound levels in all frequencies.
Adjust the equalizer depending on music. If there is a party where guests like pop songs, boost the midrange to highlight the voice of the singer and singing. If, for example, the bulk of the music will consist of dance beats, MIDs, instead, to lower and raise the high and low.
Most often configured by the specialists of the EQ look like a wave-a sine wave. It have peaks at high and low frequencies, and failure on average. With this setup, the sound becomes more pure. But you can align the equalizer in another way, if, for example, in the special room acoustics and layout. Thus, to properly adjust the equalizer, you can follow the examples of experts in sound, and can trust your ears. After all, in the end, the music you listen to and the sound should be like, first of all, you.
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