1. CM Security – perhaps the fix should start with this application, or its equivalent, for example, Kaspersky Internet Security. This is a special program which protects your operating system from viruses and malware. Without a good protection on the Internet – anywhere.

2. It may be useful to call recording feature – if you conduct business negotiations or just want to record the voices of loved. For this purpose perfect Automatic Call Recorder.

3. For comfortable work in the Internet, you need to install a suitable browser. The best browser is Opera Mini, but many prefer software product from Google.

4. Battery Doctor to save battery. It runs in the background and "killing" unnecessary processes. In active mode helps to assess how much energy you spend certain applications. Moreover, when charging the device the "doctor" writes how much time left until full charge, and using the unique technology of "drip charging" enhances battery life.

5. To clean the OS and the remnants of the apps you need Clean Master. It optimizes Android, speeds it up, brings out "junk" and allows movement of the finger to remove it. In addition, it allows you to see how much space a particular file or application.

6. Tiny Flashlight is nothing like a flashlight. As the beam of light is used flashlight. Install this app and you will never be left in the dark!

7. If you love surfing the Internet, to save useful and interesting links you will need a special program Evernote. It is the most multifunction and energy-intensive in a number of similar applications.

8. To sync cloud data" – Google or Yandex or any other service great DropBox. Of course, it can be used to synchronize with the computer and another device, that in some situations indispensable.

9. SwiftKey Keyboard, the developers have positioned as the best alternative keyboard for Android. In your case – to use it or choose another. Definitely one: a standard keyboard is really uncomfortable, and it is better to choose something else with the function of Flow – when the set is on the keyboard without lifting your finger.

10. Pixlr Express – powerful photo editor. In addition to the standard functions of cropping, color correction, etc., it has retouching, blur, calibration, color selection and many other special effects.

11. For watching videos it is better to use MX Player. It allows you to watch movies from flash cards and videos on the Internet. Supports subtitles.

12. If you like to listen to music, the application doubleTwist Player is a godsend for you. Perhaps the best alternative to the standard player. Allows you to easily sort your music, adjust the equalizer, automatically adjusting volume and a lot of other useful things.

13. Any.Do a great task scheduler. In fact, planners for Android a little, quality – less. It is great for making to-do lists. Made things easy to delete with your finger, about the approaching task is notified by a call – and no dancing with a tambourine!

14. If you are a frequenter of social networks, pay attention to software products corporations Vkontakte and Facebook. They have all the features as their PC version.

15. Foursquare is a useful application for fans to hang out and have fun. It notes on your map hot spots with addresses and directions how to get there, and visitors ' comments. Sometimes it is simply irreplaceable!